Sunday, 5 October 2008

Running Commentary: SCD Week Three

Men only - and what a great night for quotes!

Tess has gone for a Greek handmaiden look - very plain this year so far but less is more as they say! Bruce and/or his scriptwriter(s) have been reading the message board - John S/Jo Brand, yes, yes, we all knew weeks ago. The audience live in a different world, they never seem to get it. But why does he keep apologising? Makes it worse. Goodness - Austin looks fit - his top half and Tom’s hips make the prefect man!

Austin and Erin up first for their promising looking jive - and they don’t disappoint. Brilliant bit in front of the judges and I remembered the Hairspray song, which, much as I enjoyed the show, I didn’t leave the theatre humming. Very bouncy, my only criticism is that Austin was watching Erin all the way - but having missed two days training, that’s understandable, you wouldn’t have known. Tough to mark, quite probably worse to come. He’s only got size four feet! That’s dinky! Bruno: The syncopated section, that was so difficult. You did it like a Master! Len: I don’t like rugby players winking at me; Craig: Absolutely brilliant (apart form the arms) Arlene: Your feet can’t stop the beat! Set the standard for SD6. Austin, on being made to show his biceps. “I didn’t want to do that”. “Oh yes you did!” said John. Judges score 34. In no danger at all.

Mark and Hayley with the first Tango of the night - I so want him to do well, he’s such a nice bloke. He got into the part, but maybe not as sharp as it should be. Good music choice. Len: Overall, a good job; Bruno: Keep your focus all the way through; Arlene: Get this man to an acting coach and fast - he can do it; Craig: A vast improvement, wise music choice. Judges score: 24. Will be in the middle.

Gary and Karen elicit a cleverly written joke for Bruce re Gary’s fastidiousness. Jiving to a proper old fashioned rock’n’roll song and an immense improvement - a couple of moments I thought he’d lost it but grabbed it back. Arlene: Enthusiasm, YES. Feel the rhythm and dance; Len: Thought footwork was very very good, (the opening) a lovely starter; Bruno: Your jive had more holes than the surface of the moon! Craig: I was praying for you (Bruce: I didn’t see you on your knees; Bruno: Some people have!)… not a complete dance disaster. Judges score: 18 - only one point more than last time, which is surprising. Will be bottom again. Will one less man in the competition make a difference?

Lovely jubbly John and Kristina perform the sweetest, least arrogant Tango in history! Fantastic song, hard not to watch Kristina all the way through. After the first week, John said: If I go out, I’d have to write to the PM and there’d be repercussions! Bruno: Like a jolly Godfather after a couple of pints …made it work, charming; Craig: Way too nice for this dance. Too softly softly; Arlene: You started enjoying yourself too much; Len: Very good footwork, well done. Judges score: 22. John said: It had the characteristics associated with me - passion, rhythm and a raw kind of sexuality. LOL - quote of the night.

Don’t think I’ve seen Ola so passionate in training before, she and Andrew made a decent start, he got into character. Not sure about the headbangy bit, but the T-Rex song worked better than I thought it would. Craig: Promising start; Arlene: I’ve never seen head banging in a Tango before; Len: You came out and showed us a bit of drama and passion. Bruno? He Did Not Like It. I couldn’t be bothered to write it all down. Judges score 22. Tess mentioned Andrew had been practising at night, he said: She wasn’t supposed to wake up. I was practising all dance moves naked! Arlene said: Too much information! It made me laugh though.

Tom and Camilla - A Black and Gold jive - been looking forward to this all week, since I found out about the song. One of Cam’s favourites, she‘s been wanting to use it. Looking the part and I’m bobbing along. Yay - bouncy, fun, musical. Can’t ask for more than that! Arlene: Let the sparring begin! Len: You’re right up there with him (Austin). Those girls had better watch out! Bruno: Bright eyed, bushy tailed. Master of Spins! Craig: Fantastic personality and musicality. Judges score: 33 Unless both he and Austin are in the dance off, he’s safe.

Don and Lilia bring forth the best tango of the night. Proper attitude, Lilia’s choreography to the fore. Bruno: I could feel the menace …told the story with conviction; Craig; great. Great routine; Arlene: Masterful, very very exciting; Len: it was truly menacing …did a fabulous job. Judges score: 30. Deserves to go straight through.

A quick chat with the girls before showing their training. What was Matthew’s hand doing behind Karen to make her laugh so much? Proper swing dance coming up, looks a lot of fun. That was tons better than last time - they all look happy and confident - and Cherie proving that Latin will hold no fear for her. Len: best group dance ever (Hm - not sure about that) Bruno: All the girls like to swing (rated Christine) Craig: Jodie needs to think a bit more; Arlene: Jessie didn’t put a foot wrong and smiled throughout.

The judges have definitely been given happy pills this year - which is great, so much better than the nasty habits they’d fallen in to. Long may it continue.

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