Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Results Show: SCD Week Five

Behind the scenes we go - but the best action is out front: Katherine Jenkins, Darcy Bussell, a bloke called Gary (sorry, didn’t catch the surname but he was very good!) Anton and Erin, Cam and Ian - ballroom ballet to opera - it was beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Back to the celebs and another top quote from John: “If the British public don’t save us, I shall lose my faith in democracy.”

It’s Paso Doble (yippee, my fav) or Viennese Waltz next week so we’re treated to a powerful Paso from the pros (although, not a fan of dancing to rock music). Next up and it’s the effervescent Alesha and her new single - out come some of the pros jiving, then a small section with Alesha showing she’s still got it, ending up in Matthew’s arms.

The Moment of Truth: Safe - Lisa and Brendan; Cherie and James; Jodie and Ian; Rachel and Vincent; Tom and Camilla; Austin and Erin; John and Kristina; Mark and Hayley (did I say how much she reminded me of Christina Aguilera?) Christine and Matthew; Andrew and Ola.

So it’s poor Heather again in the dance off, this time with Don. They’ve both been there before so they know what they have to do. So glad not to be a judge - not much to choose between them. Craig - Heather and Brian; Arlene - Heather and Brian; Bruno - Heather and Brian; saves Len having to cast a decider again. Len, for the second week running, would’ve saved the other person - not Heather! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lilia so upset, bless her.

Had to laugh at the CIN trailer afterwards - Anton, looking surprisingly good as a woman!


Anonymous said...

I'm upset about Don leaving...I didn't think he should have gone.


jaye said...

Hi Ale,

Don didn't deserve to be in the bottom two; much as I love John I think it ought to have been him, Mark or Andrew before Don. :)