Sunday, 12 October 2008

Running Commentary: SCD Week Four

Here come the girls again! I feel like this series still hasn’t properly started - roll on next week when they’re all together.

Tess is doing a Holly, almost! OMG - they’ve put Jessie in a bed sheet! Love Heather’s and Cherie’s dresses though.

Christine and Matthew - She’s so loverly - she so is! Thought the intro a tad too long, but loved the entrance onto the floor and I was smiling all the way through. When they were actually quickstepping, the musicality was terrific - as we know, songs can make all the difference and this one sent a very positive message. Len: Once you got cracking …overall, a very good job; Bruno: Captured the ebullience of a twenties flapper; Craig: Loved the opening …cheekiness and personality came through; Arlene: Just didn’t have the sparkle I was wanting. Judges score: 26. Now, don’t start with the disappointed whining, can’t be doing with that. But will be middle of the board I think, so I’ll throw a vote her way.

Jodie and Ian rumba to MJ’s ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’ - a perfect song for a rumba IMO. I enjoyed it, they’ve obviously worked so hard. A little bit stilted, I think that’s what Bruno’s saying, only more unkindly: You keep stalling! Len: Your footwork was good; Craig: Off to a good start, slightly pornographic at the top; Arlene: At the beginning …you’ve controlled him. Judges score: 22. In trouble again.

Heather and Brian: How patient are those kids? When I tried to go to a dance class, I had to take my then 4 year old Matt with me - he wouldn’t sit and watch , or colour in. No - he insisted on joining in, which you’d think “Ah, how sweet!” But have you tried grapevining with a four year old clinging to your leg? Seemed a touch slow at first, didn’t really fire me up but pleasant enough overall. The timing at the end was excellent though. The judges are definitely being tougher this week. Len: Queen of the salsa abdicated …I liked your upper portions! Craig: Two minds … I loved the energy and watching you and the performance; Arlene: It was heavy, like champagne gone flat; Bruno: You were so tight …wild at the end. Judges score: 23 - Blimey, Craig more than Arlene, is that a first? Good answer Heather! Will need the public vote though - Brian’s become a favourite with many which will help.

Cherie and James, mmm, he’s looking good, she‘s a stunner! “Oh baby” “He’s my rock” - what a pair! So controlled, so classy. Wish I knew what the song was. Craig: Every single inch of you worked that dance; Arlene: Left me with a lump in my throat; Len: You did have emotion in that dance; Bruno: I’m revving up, I’m telling you! I like what I’ve seen. Judges score 35 Safe. You don’t often see Craig beating Len’s score! Highest score for a rumba - or not? Not ever in competition - Colin and Erin 36, not ever in a Xmas special - Matt and Flavia 39, not ever by a woman - Zoe and Ian 38 (Xmas special) but maybe at this stage of the competition by a woman! Do I really care? I loved it.

Did Bruce just call Jessie ‘Jelly’ again? When he was apologising for calling her it last time? He did, didn‘t he! LOL. There was a time I’d have said he was doing it on purpose, now though, I‘m not so sure. Like a springer spaniel, eh? No bad thing for a quickstep …but hang on, we can’t see her feet, let alone anything of her legs! ‘Help’ not a good message to send, as a song it’s too low key. Unusual for Darren. She ‘performed’ but the technique isn’t there. Dress did no favours - far too much of it - did they give her one of Jodie’s by mistake? Arlene: Not good. Feet …feet; Len: Lean back is a good way of saying it; Bruno: Casual, a bit rough looking; Craig: Not your finest hour, sadly.Judges score: 19 Bottom. Again.

Lisa and Brendan’s training does look good - but then so did everyone’s. She’s very nervous again, couple of stumbles. Suddenly a nice choice. Good performance, loved the spin on the word ‘suddenly’. Bruno: Oh, plenty of juice tonight! Craig: Congratulations Brendan, loved the choreography. Arlene: It was come to me, hold me, touch me …Yes, steady on Arlene! Len: Lovely footwork …creates a natural hip action. Judges score: 32 A contender.

Rachel - shaking like a leaflet according to Vincent, ha ha. Oh god, no, not the tears in training purl-ease. Like the stance to start but didn’t know the song. It was light, but didn’t grab my attention - there were no highlights, if you know what I mean. Rachel isn’t bubbly like Christine and just seems to go through the motions - perfectly, but …Craig: Light, tight, bright…very very good; Arlene: Fast, fleet footed; Len: Fantastic; Bruno: You’re flying high with effortless ease. Best QS tonight. Judges score: 33. Safe unless in dance off with Cherie - unlikely. Personally, I think Rachel is going to be this year’s Emma Bunton - the judges will keep telling us how fab she is - which she is, in the sense of putting herself in the right place - but this show is about a lot more than that.

The boys group dance - Rueda - The serious business of rehearsing …dressed as Fame! Don: There’s a lot of partner swapping - I hope it’s healthy; Lilia, cuddling John - I‘ve been waiting for this for so long; Kristina: My eyes are on Lil…(to John) don’t be naughty, come on! Tom: It feels a bit strange, changing partners. I kinda like it. Austin: If Tom messes around with Erin, I’ll break his arms; John: Hope they’ve paid extra for shimmying! Andrew: We’re going to re-invent the wheel; Mark: Ours is …what it is…; John: What’s it like have all the girls throw themselves at me? It’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it. The boys are cornering the cheeky personality stakes. Originally from Cuba, danced in a circle, partner swapping - it’s going to a be a blinder …or a major car crash! Woooohooo - it was great FUN! The song is going to drive me mad though, because I know it but can’t think of it (found it!) Craig: John stole my focus …peripheral vision working overtime; Arlene: Mark, great shimmy at the start; Len: Tom and Austin stood out …really concerned for the others. Good luck but don’t hold your breath.
Nice one Len. Not. It had all been going so well. Bruno: It was a wheel with a slow puncture.

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