Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Results Show SCD Week 3

I like Arlene’s hair like that. Judges precis: Andrew looked like a question mark; Don the surprise of the night. Pro Rumba - wonderful as ever but where were Cam/Ian, Anton/Erin and Brendan/Hayley? And is Jessie auditioning for Shirley Eaton’s role in Goldfinger? Showdance from Flavia and Vincent - ‘Endless Love’ - was there a hidden message there somewhere, for someone? They were very happy at the end. Fantastic musicality, although I thought they were going to sample the Rowing Boat song at one point.

Tess needs her roots doing; Anton’s in the house. They’re on the sofa together, an announcement! Tess and Anton dancing for Children in Need! Tess says to Anton: “Probably you’re greatest challenge yet!” “You’re probably right,” he says back. Ha ha.

Andrea Bocelli. Anton. Erin (that solves that mystery) Choir. Almost an orchestra. Class.

Reveal Time: Tom and Cam - first through. Woohoo! Andrew and Ola! Austin and Erin! Yes! John and Kristina. Yay! Don and Lilia - had to be! Although it would have been an easier choice if Don v one of the others. Will they give Mark the chance with an acting coach or Gary the chance at ballroom? Gary’s made far too many mistakes, it’s got to be Mark. Yes - unanimous. But you watch the goodbye song and Gary would probably have been all right with a rumba or waltz. We’ll never know.


Marcela said...

Hiya, Jaye!
Just dropping by to say hello. I've caught up with your latest posts. Yay, you like Harry POtter as well. There's a thread, I think in ITT, called "Hogwarts School of Dance", check it out.
BTW, I just would like to say I loved the way you confronted that nasty aevin fox whatshername in a recent thread. She is so absurdly patronising, the know-it-all type. And she only opens "polemic" threads, ie, slagging people off. If I'm not wrong, it was her who started the whole Brat Di Angelo thing last year (I used to read but didn't use to post then). Well, well done to you, I think the best thing is to ignore her threads as much I'd like to reply to them sometimes.
See you later on the board.

Jaye said...

Hi Marcela!

A fellow Hogwartian! I love the whole series - the plot-planning that went into it is just so impressive :) Regularly in tears in the last three books though!

That poster made the mistake of attacking a friend of mine in an outrageous fashion! Polemic is the word alright - wish I'd thought of it at the time :)