Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Results Show: SCD Week Four

They don’t half concentrate on the negative comments in the recap. To paraphrase Len - it gets on my wick! Get in there, Heather’s partner! LOL at Denise Lewis - her quickstep with Ian is still my favourite. Nine time World Latin Champs Brian Watson (wasn’t he Karen’s jive partner?) and Carmen Vincelli - stunning samba to a proper samba tune . The Pro American Smooth, absolutely gorgeous, even with the game of ‘Hit the Hamster’ at the end (no offence to Top Gear presenters) I is joking! Simply sublime. John: I’m hoping for a samba …Kristina and I would like to recreate the steamy atmosphere of the carnival. The man is an absolute star! Simply Red performing ‘Something Got Me Started’ - that could be a Paso, I reckon. Still sounding good and looking …erm….Wow - Cam and Ian! What a show, fantastic. Cam in red - my mate munsterfeet will be both delighted and puddle like on the floor in front of the telly. Lisa being extraordinarily honest - very refreshing - I’m warming to her. Cherie also expressing her concerns but philosophically, no whining or pouting. Unlike Christine who will seriously start to annoy me if she carries on like that.

The Moment of Truth. Safe - Cherie and James; Lisa and Brendan; Jodie and Ian; Rachel and Vincent; Christine’s convinced herself she’s out - no she’s not! But the sulky look really doesn’t suit. Well, unless Heather trips over Christine’s bottom lip on the way to the floor it’s bye bye Jessie. Actually I think it’s bye bye Jessie even if Heather does trip. As she almost did - but I think her posture has improved, not that I’d know, but it looked ok to me. Think Jessie’s was much the same and her footwork still not great. Craig, Arlene and Bruno combine to save Heather - Len disagreed! But too late, Jessie's gone.

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