Wednesday, 22 October 2008

3BT: Rant, write, relax

I’m Medway Blogger again this week - and it’s a proper rant this time. Damn stupid walking people. Click on the page numbers at the top and enter 13.

Yesterday’s course went well - I slightly misunderstood the home work and gave away my whole plot, not once, but twice: My first re-writes! At least the course is continuing, did I tell you that? I remember telling you I didn’t like the journey home along the M2 from the other (Thursday night) course - there was an accident in the same spot the lorry nearly blew me into the road works, so I came back along the A2 all the way last week - much more civilised and only an extra ten minutes.

I’m having a lovely time on the Music Choices thread on the Beeb Strictly Forum - lots of lovely like minded people, introducing me to the delights of the Gotan Project
It’s great fun - we’ve given the band their whole repertoire for at least the next two series. :)

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