Sunday, 19 October 2008

Running Commentary: SCD Week Five

They’re talking it up! Boys and girls together at last. Why don‘t they make the bodices of Tess’ dresses higher, looks like they’re forever needing to be hitched up. The rest of the ladies dresses look really pretty tonight. Bruce seems genuinely excited, he’s moving things along - were they having to pad the previous shows a bit?

Rachel and Vincent take to the floor for a samba to Hips Don’t Lie and bring the fun they were having in training. The first time I’ve got into one of Rachel’s dances - the music makes all the difference I guess. Good job, the only bit I didn’t like was that draggy bit across the floor and there could have been less standing and wiggling. Len: Came out and did a fantastic job; Bruno: Always clean and efficient, surprised at slip; Craig: Placement through the routine very good …under whelmed by performance; Arlene: I want to see you firing. (See, what do I know?) Judges score 30 - could be close in the middle of the pack tonight.

Lisa and Brendan - feeling the pressure in training - just as I was warming to her, the
waterworks start appearing. Lovely song for their AS and lovely musicality - what was she worried about? Strange second lift, understated, a couple of wobbles but pretty good I thought. Len: Fabulous performance … your best to date; Bruno: From goofy and gangly to glamorous …incredible; Craig: Couple of stumbles but absolutely fantastic; Arlene: You’ve found your dance. Judges score 35.

Heather and Brian - please, please have a good samba song - yes! No idea what it is but it sounds traditional. Tell me, why did they not put her in yellow to match Brian? The dress is nice but more cocktail than carnival and it’s distracting from a nice performance since you only notice Brian. Footwork needs attention but plenty of rhythm and bounce. Craig: Lifeless, lacklustre; Arlene: At different parties …wild and sassy at the end; Len: Thinking about the steps …think about the performance; Bruno: Took a little bit of time to get into it. Judges score 23. Think they were a bit harsh, actually. In danger again.

Cherie and James - can they maintain standards with the AS? Interesting song choice - what were they thinking? Great musicality but I was expecting 'Putting on the Ritz’ or some such, so I’m left feeling a bit disappointed. Awesome last lift - but I’d prefer more swing in an AS - I’m not overly keen on lifts, they interrupt the dancing. Swirls around a la Fred and Ginger, yes. Awkward stand stock still lifts, no. Arlene: You deliver on every level; Len: I loved it…fantastic…fabulous…beautiful; Bruno: Right on the money; Craig: Not dynamic enough (I have to agree with Craig on this one, much I love James and Cherie) Judges score 34, should be safe.

Mark and Hayley: See through shirt alert!!! See through shirt alert!!! John Barrowman on hand to help out, the wiggles look good in training. Come on Mark, spice up my life. He’s shimmying, he’s shimmying - still needs to stand up straight and bounce more, not technically too good but at least he’s enjoying himself. It’s actually some kind of string vest he’s wearing - LOL at Bruce: Where were you swimming when you got caught in that net? He’s on good form tonight Bruce, most of it’s been funny! Bruno: Released from the shackles of inhibition; Craig: Isolation …body popping was very good; Arlene: The performance was vital …forgot to dance; Len: When you’re tall, you’ve got to dance to your height. (I think I just agreed with Len!) Judges score 17 - bottom. Tess thanked Mark for wearing that top on behalf of women everywhere!

Don and Lilia dancing the AS to Barry Manilow’s ’Can’t Smile Without You’ which was my favourite … when I was little. Nice lift, it's another low key song though, very smooth but didn’t seem to be feeling it. Craig: An adequate job…a good job; Arlene: You must let the dance in; Len: I didn’t mind it at all, a very competent performance; Bruno: A bit off tonight unusually …shame. Judges score 25 Not a bad score but defo in the middle - the worst place to be at this stage of the competition, when the less technically proficient have a bigger fan base.

Austin and Erin samba - this’ll be interesting, Erin is a ballroom specialist and my main concern for Austin is that the latin dances may not be as strong. I’ve got a niece called Ellie-Mae - my little boy calls her LMA, after a play station game! Hark at Will Greenwood - LOL - I take
it he’ll dong the show next year then! Well choreographed by Erin but don’t think Austin was on the money technically tonight - what are those backward wiggly walky things called - he just didn’t do them at all. And not exactly a carnival song either - more night club. So the atmosphere was missing for me. Arlene: Muscles not helping tonight …hip movement fabulous; Len: Whole thing very very good; Bruno: You missed an opportunity tonight …stopped you delivering; Craig: Not strictly a samba but I loved it. Judges score 32. Great score, they’re relieved.

Andrew and Ola AS - nice first lift but wrong song choice again, although this has at least got a swing feel to it. Lift a bit awry at the end but not a bad effort overall, I didn’t think. Pleasant. Bruno: You got to get your bum together; Craig: Not enough showbiz; Arlene: Stand straight, pull up; Len: You had a gallant effort didn’t work. Judges score 17. Ola being very supportive, Andrew says “We’ll have another go later”

Christine and Matt sounding positive for their samba. Looking great and … ooh, Matthew Cutler, stop with those hips, goodness *fans face*. Couple of moments uncertainty for Christine but great musicality, a good effort. Worth 7’s I’d say. Len: You did a great job; Bruno: You have that (carefree joy) in spades; Craig: Recovery and finish excellent; Arlene: Your smile lights up the floor. Judges score 30. The middle of the board is looking tight and quite high scores at that.

Jodie and Ian. Fighting talk - I like it! Bit concerned about the side of her dress though and that floppy bit is going to be annoying. Spectacular start and gorgeous song choice - Witchcraft, proper song and feel, she looks so much more confident, I’m smiling all the way through, best so far. (The flappy bit fell off - didn’t I tell you it’d be trouble!) Craig: You completely held your own; Arlene: You are the dark horse of this comeptition; Len: Absolutely your best dance, beautiful hold; Bruno: That was a dream. Judges score 30 - hm, bit under marked and now lumped in with all those other ones in the middle.

John and Kristina, first latin dance and he’s loving the Brazilian troupe in training! Lacking technically, no bounce but he’ll be safe, I swear it. Arlene: Seen more fun at a party conference; Len: If I was at home, I’d be voting for you; Bruno: Carnival on valium; Craig: Absolutely dreadful …tip toe through the tulips???!!! Judges score 16. John: “I know the GBP will save us” Priceless. But it can only take him so far, already some peoples perception of how that sounded were not favourable.

My heart’s thudding and I’m all red faced as Tom and Camilla take to the floor - this leader board is up for grabs. And oh yes - proper Hollywood, Chicago the song, the attitude - even Tom’s hair and expression is pure Gene Kelly, loving the culottes dress Cam is wearing. Lovely first lift, last one a little bit unsteady - you can tell his mind is all over the place, to be fair, so all credit for putting on the stylish show he did. I loved it.
Bruno: Slick, stylish, sophisticated; Craig: Full of charm and confidence, I loved it; Arlene: Hallelujah …going into orbit, gorgeous; Len: Goal to beat Austin …done it tonight. Judges score 35 - joint top.

In case you’re unsure, I voted for Tom and Camilla! And my congratulations to Tom and fiance Claire, have a wonderful day today.


Trisha xx said...

Was it just me, or did the judges deliberatley mark extremely high and low in order to save their faves? A few of those nines seemed a bit unnecessary! Loved Tom and Camilla's dance and loved Jodie and Ian's.

jaye said...

Definitely - they did seem a bit all over the place, some overmarked, some undermarked. The middle of the board was a bit congested wasn't it? Thought Jodie should have been higher and Austin lower - but I'm waiting to see the fixed camera video to see if I can see what they saw!