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Running Commentary: SCD Week Six

Paso Doble versus Viennese Waltz - couldn’t have two more contrasting dances. Love the style of Tess’ dress - just wish it wasn‘t grey. Almost another stair-rail moment - Tom nearly missed it! Didn’t recognise Cherie. And it’s not often I dislike something but Kristina’s dress is horrid. Like a design of mine when I was a kid and drawing princesses. The rest of the Paso dresses are fabulous.

Lisa and Brendan - I‘ve seen a group Pro Paso somewhere to Eye of the Tiger - can’t say I was keen then. Lovely choreography from Brendan, a good effort but missing something, power? Len: A great job; Bruno: Belonged more in Vogue than in a bullring; Craig: Arms sometimes lacked purpose; Arlene: Open the spine and work through the chest (I’ve been thinking that from the start - she’s trying to make herself smaller) Judges score: 29 That could put them quite low on the leader board tonight.

Andrew and Ola dancing the VW to Annie’s Song - one of the choices on the SCD Music choices thread I mentioned - bless, he’s got survivors guilt. They’re building a nice partnership; at least Andrew is living and breathing it. Needs to smile more - a slight stumble - well recovered - I’ve seen worse. Well done, definite improvement. Len: You have mastered ‘Bum-gate’, really good job; Bruno: Your stock is definitely rising; Craig; Faking swing …a good effort; Arlene: So sweet, a definite improvement. Judges score: 24 will be in the lower echelons but he’s had worse and got through.

Christine and Matt: Bruce puts us in the Spanish mood - she’s from the ‘Juan’ show! How will Christine stop from smiling all through? Another ’Music Choices’ song - Fighter. And Christine did need a bit more passion to be fair - great routine by Matt but a couple of stumbles. She didn’t smile though - I thought facially she got it spot on, but the rest of her was too gentle. Arlene: it did not work; Len: Dance didn’t suit your personality; Bruno: It was so floppy; Craig: Sometimes rag doll-ish, sometimes plank-ish (I didn’t think it was that bad) Judges score: 22 - a 3 from Craig ???? Way too harsh. Christine: How do I get angry? Just think of Craig, love, that should do it. Will be very close to, if not, bottom.

Austin and Erin in VW training and what’s with the lacky band? Gorgeous frock for Erin, gorgeous song too - Send in the Clowns. But I wasn’t enraptured - he didn’t smile and I thought he was a bit stiff so I was a little bit disappointed. Bruno: The Return of the King; Craig: All the character of a VW, Just wished you had smiled once… flat and cold (Thank you, Craig) Arlene: Sentimental, romantic: Len: You came back stronger … I loved it. Gorgeous. I think Bruno also said something about a connection between them - I didn’t see it and my mind wandered). Judges score: 34 top of the board so far.

Cherie and James - I am so looking forward to their Paso since hearing a clip of the music. Cherie looks amazing - what a shame about the opening stumble. Good but I was expecting to be blown away and I wasn’t - it lacked that power again. Think back to Letitia and Gethin last year and they way they attacked theirs - you’ll see what I mean. Craig: Fantastic shaping from the arms; Arlene: Wish you could do it all again with fire in your belly; Len: You’ll never dance badly…didn’t attack it. Still a very good performance; Bruno: Performance wasn‘t up to the standard of the actress (I have to agree - technically very good, but just lacking that drama, so were Lisa and Christine) Judges Score: 31 Should be safe …

Heather and Brian dancing a VW to Vision of Love - good choice. Come on Heather! A stunning vision in fuschia. A lovely start, great performance, smiley and relaxed - the midweek singing has made a huge difference. Great partnership - you go girl! Arlene: You’ve found your home, this dance suits you; Len: You maintained your posture …well done; Bruno: We do like a fighter …you were connected; Craig: Oh dear - pedestrian…jagged …flat footed (the others all shouted him down) Judges Score: 27 Middle of the board danger zone possibly, deserves to go straight through on that performance.

Mark and Hayley - Bruce is shimmying, somebody stop him - A brave attempt at a Paso for mild Mark - great start, looked the part but once they got moving he couldn’t carry it off. He gave it a go. The judges will crucify. Bruno: A painful shambles; Craig: A stick insect on acid; Arlene: You did one step in time; Len: The shapings were good. Judges score: 16 - really should be in the dance off tonight, worst so far by a mile.

Tom and Camilla - coming off a week of little training. Almost a wardrobe malfunction for Camilla - she cleared something off her foot just in time. 'I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You’ - no prizes for guessing who this is dedicated to. I think their was a footwork problem but it was a beautiful performance - Camilla is queen of the VW - and I loved loved loved the end sequence. Craig: You were stepping outside Camilla …gorgeous; Arlene: Beautiful, a whisper away from being perfect; Len: I didn’t like it too much …reverse turns all on your balls; Bruno: technical mistakes covered up by the assurance …I was charmed. Judges Score: 32 Should be ok, second on the board at the moment.

John and Kristina - Paso Doble - now this I can’t wait to see! No more Mr Nice Guy - LOL. Did he just swat a fly away? Got to hand it to Kristina, the right music, the audience eating out of their hands, and, whilst the stamping/marching was source of amusement, it actually seemed stronger than the others. Len: Demoted to private ; Bruno: Dad’s Army dance the Paso; Craig: Took marching to a whole new level; Arlene: Kept in time, kept head erect. Judges score: 21 Like it matters - we know he‘s safe!

Rachel and Vincent dancing the VW to ‘Everybody Hurts’ - yet another suggestion from the Music Choices lot. Loved Vincent’s choreography at the start and finish. Very sweet and romantic. Arlene: Wistful, charming; Len: Pretty …liked it but it was flat; Bruno: Graceful, elegant, simple but effective; Craig: (Vincent) choreographed a lovely waltz. Judges score: 32 joint second, should be safe.

Jodie and Ian, liking the look of their Paso training - if they get the music right… Woohoo! Oh yes - my favourite Paso of the night, even with a couple of wobbles, she gave it some of the fight that was missing from the others and it made it more exciting. Bruno: A Paso rougho! (what?) Craig: (some insults) …I found it quite exciting (thank you) Arlene: It didn’t really work for me; Len: It was competent not the best, not the worst for you (They’re never happy are they?) Judges score: 26 They’re all taking the mickey out of Len’s ‘Se-VEN) tonight. I hope they’re safe.

What? You expect me to predict after that lot? You’re on your own. I’ve been out so I couldn’t vote - I would have thrown one each to Tom, Heather and Jodie. I think the top four will be safe and so will John - but that’s about it!

Since the Results show has come and gone before I even began to think about typing this up, here they are:

No surprises in the backstage judges comments. Ooh - a Roger Black appearance, always appreciated; he liked Lisa and Brendan best (but I bet he voted for Camilla too!) Talking of Camilla - she doesn’t want remarks like that from Len again, so Tom will find The Honeymoon is definitely over! Have to agree with Len - the VW’s outdid the Paso’s tonight. The Jersey Boys sang ‘Oh, What a Night’ - can’t say I was struck with the vocals but the latin pro dance (James/Ola, Lilia/Darren, Karen/Matt, Kristina/Brian ) was brilliant. A quick chat with siblings - close your eyes and Lisa’s sisters could be her - and didn’t Rachel’s brothers used to be in Eastenders? Mambo Madness - Brian and Kristina, it was mad alright - so much going on - they’re great dancers but that seemed a little thrown together. Great song though - Michael Buble . Enrique Iglesias up next with Vincent and Flavia, Darren and Lilia dancing Rumba to ’Hero’ - thought I was watching the wrong show for a minute, looked like death spirals at the end!

Here we got then: Safety first! Heather and Brian - Yay! Rachel and Vincent - John and Kristina - Austin and Erin - Tom and Camilla - Christine and Jodie are convinced they’re in the dance off - Cherie and James - Lisa and Brendan - Christine and Jodie even more convinced now - but there they are, their lights are out. Andrew and Mark to fight it out. It’s bye bye Mark unless Andrew fouls it up. Good advice (and sporting analogies) from Len. A bit of a stumble from Andrew but he’s smiling and more relaxed. Mark and Hayley had a big moment - after the band had one or did I imagine it? They seemed to almost stop and then Mark lost it completely.

Craig: Andrew/Ola; Arlene: Andrew/Ola; Bruno:Andrew/Ola. No need for Len again - but he agreed this week. Bruce just called Hayley ‘Kristina’ and Tess told Mark he’d disappointed her - *covers face with embarrassment for them* uncovers eyes quickly as Mark strips his top off. Ooh, yes - lift him up so we get a good look, that’s right *Ahem*

Apparently there will be eight different dances on show next week - it’s going to be luck of the draw - John should be back to ballroom so will probably do well - I pity anyone with the jive, always tricky, never highly scored and I think it’ll be even closer.

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