Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Sketches and visual humour

We touched on comedy in the Stage and Screen class today. Ironically, I wrote a funnier sketch in five minutes there, than I did in the week I had to write one for the comedy tv and radio scriptwriting course! So I might start leaving everything till the last minute and see if that works …

Had a laugh on the way home too - I pulled into the outside lane to overtake a car coming off the slip road - leaving him room, like you do - then indicated and pulled back in front of him - because you know, he can’t undertake can he? But no - he speeds up and then gives me a hand signal! So I gave him one back, like you do. Did he pull out and overtake? No, sat behind me all the way - so what’s your problem Mr Grey Renault Scenic man - inferiority complex because of a Daewoo Matiz? Consider your number plate noted. This week’s homework - a monologue - will be based on this!

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