Friday, 17 October 2008

3BT: Something good, something bad, something rotten

Homework from last night’s course - to watch sitcoms! It’s a tough job but …I actually have loads of ‘Friends’ on dvd, but we’ll be watching one of those in class, so I will try to see something different if I can. Probably the best homework I’ve ever been given!

And probably a good tonic too, since I’m sitting here all sorry for myself with a cough and a cold and no voice! The doctor said it’s not laryngitis though or anything requiring anti-biotics, just plenty of rest. Er, ok - but I work in a call centre! I’ll tell them the good news on Monday. I’m sure they’ll find something for me to do.

My weekend plans are now in tatters - I have yet to break the news to the weekend party people :( ie. the GG's, having a Strictly night in round Claudiaforqueen's house ...:( :(

Me, talk too much? Never!

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