Saturday, 11 October 2008

Harvest Festival Time ...

... and a time to empty out the cupboard and get rid of the Xmas hamper leftovers from last year (hubby always gets one from a customer!) Salmon mousse, whisky marmalade, various chunteys - all of which we’re determined to try each year but never quite get round to. Half goes in the donation bag to school, the out of date other half in the bin!

The Thursday scriptwriting class was fun - watching various sketches of 'Little Britian', 'The Two Ronnies' and 'Fry and Lawrie'. And am now supposed to be working on a one page monologue with jokes every 10-15 seconds???! I really don't like the drive home either - I'm a wuss at night time on motorways, let alone when there are road works and the lanes are narrow. And then they suddenly ditch the yellow lights that tell you where the temporary wall is and just leave the grey blank wall there, which does my head in. I hate it, it mesmerises me. Then some b*****d lorry went speeding past me and nearly blew me into it (I've only a titchy little matiz, remember.) I'm staying on the A2 next week. It'll only be an extra five minutes, I reckon.

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