Monday, 25 May 2009

Sports Night

The big news of the week of course - Gillingham’s promotion to League One! You can imagine how excited Matt was on arriving home, I was talked through the goal - it’s been a long time since I had to play a goal post!

Another superlative drive from Jenson Button, lights to flag at Monaco, after another last minute pole position, who could ever have believed it after the winter he had - five out of six races now!

Archery: British Women win Bronze in Euro champs. And four medals in the first World Cup meet in the Dominican Republic. Canoeing - Gold for Rachel Cawthorn in the World Cup meet in Poznan, Bronze for Lucy Wainwright and Lani Belcher.

Paralympic World Cup: Cyclists already bringing in the medals; more cycling Gold; Bronze for basketball; swimming medals; more Gold for David Weir ;double Gold for Tweddle and Smith at Gymnastics Grand Prix.

Badminton Horse Trials won by Oliver Townend; Women’s Ice Hockey Bronze; Tania Bailey wins World Tour Squash Title.

Let it alone too long again, didn't I!


foxy said...

Congrats to the Gills! :o)

Is it me or is every semi-final from series 1 to now won by the performer who goes on stage last? Something a bit dodgy to me there. Nothing against Flawless, thought they were brilliant tonight, but in my humble opinion Diversity were better and deserved to go straight through. Susan Boyle was out of tune for crying out loud!! Grr

Scatty said...

No, it's not just you - I thought the nerves got to Susan too and Diversity were brilliant - but up first! We know from SCD the order matters don't we! Can't wait to see them again - the leader's pretty cute too isn't he, but that didn't sway me at all!

foxy said...

Yeah of course it didn't *swoons at thought of seeing Ashley again* - didn't sway me at all either! ;o)