Tuesday, 5 May 2009

3BT: Music, Puppies, Decor

This is a wonderful variation on the Ben E. King classic - shared with us on Twitter by mezzo soprano Katherine Jenkins, currently recording an album with the legendary producer David Foster, which will be "less classical and more edgy", so very much looking forward to that.

Shared by Marilyn, one of the cutest websites you're likely to come across -
The Daily Puppy! Altogether now, awwwwww ...

And the decorators are gone! So now the dusting begins, boo hoo. There's still some painting to be done; The Hobbit has actually surfaced from his mound and made a start on it, plus the blinds people and the carpet people are all booked in on the calendar, woo hoo!


foxy said...

Sounds like it's all going on at your house Scatty! Did you have a good bank holiday weekend? Hopefully the decorators didn't mess with your plans. :o)

I have to say I prefer the original, but then I love 60's music, so I don't tend to like remakes or covers. :o)

I just realised....1 month to Ian and Camilla! :o)

Scatty said...

Only a month, came round quickly didn't it!

The weekend was good, seeing the new room and hall take shape was nice - don't have to blindfold people to escort them through to the back now :-) still a bit to go but losing the faded, patchy carpet was wonderful!

foxy said...

Was it just me Scatty or was the ending to 'All The Small Things' last night hugely disappointing? She didn't make a choice between either of the men, we have no idea who won the competition and Esther's choir didn't even compete!

Was hoping for at least a few answers after 6 weeks of wondering!

Scatty said...

No, I thought so too, bit of a limp ending - but does look like there may be another series. Did enjoy it though disappointed no bunny boiling (figuratively speaking, of course):)