Thursday, 7 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent ...eventually

I wasn't able to see last week's show, hence the lateness of this, but thanks to the lovely people at UnrealityTV, I've had a little catch up.

On the face of it, you'd think I'd like Kenyodse Oresaya but - I close my eyes and it could be someone on tracing paper and comb instead of a saxophone, so, no, not for me, sorry. Finger knitting? NEXT! Keyboard based novelty band? Emerson, Emerson and Emerson. All a joke apparently - I've not seen enough but Simon didn't get it either. Jake Pratt, young comedian - a sex joke at that age? Eeeooww, no, not good. To sing or not to sing, I think there's potential if he had lessons. LOL "The producer told me to sing!" Really couldn't be bothered to watch all of Two Alike ... what was she wearing? Why do parents do that to kids?

But this weeks stars?
Jamie Pugh - regardless whether he has/hasn't sung on stage before, the bloke can sing and moved me to tears. And Sue Son, solo and passionate.

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