Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sports Night 2: End of an Era

As you know, The Hobbit had another Cup Final today - The Treasurer’s Trophy is the official title for the Under 18’s cup in the Maidstone Minor League - and we won! 4-2 and well deserved it was. A quick early goal, which they (Barming Youth) equalised, we grabbed another to be 2-1 up at half time, then it went to 3-1 before they converted a penalty. Cue lots of pacing and yelling and eventually we bagged another within the final ten minutes. You’d think I could relax, but no - we were 5-0 up in a cup game once and let them back into it (eventually winning 6-4) so none of us were taking it for granted!

It was a fitting end to a decade of success for this particular squad of Rochester BVFC, managed/coached by Hubby. There’s a few lads who have been with it since they were five years old (awwww) other players have come and gone but they’ve always delivered - pound for pound, Hubby’s won more than any Premiership Manager!

So we’re all out celebrating. ‘Cept we’re not - I’m here (obviously) and they’re all out watching Gillingham FC, hopefully winning their home tie to make it through to the Div 2 Play off at Wembley. There are rumours of a celebratory barbecue though, at the official end of the season!


foxy said...

Glad it went the teams way Scatty! :o)

Incidently, only watched BGT last night. Greg Pritchard?! One word....wierd! Really liked the singer Sean at the end, best singer so far for me (helps that he was quite cute lol) ;o) How sweet was little Tom the magician, bless and Dream Bears made me chuckle, so pleased they went through even if Simon was being a misery :o)

Scatty said...

ta! Yeah - really unsure whether I liked Greg or not, different but not sure I'm fussed about seeing him again. Might be interesting to hear him do a falsetto R&B number instead of classical??