Sunday, 31 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent Final

Kicking off the show with Flawless, who were absolutely awesome, so so slick, followed by Shaheen, who I thought sang the best he has and I was thinking: Oh-oh, this is going to be tough! But since I was at a friend's house I wasn't going to be voting anyway and was happy in that the Great British Public generally get it right!

One act who mesmerises me is Aidan - he has a huge future, it's a shame he didn't have longer to prepare for the final. 2Grand are so sweet, I know what Simon's trying to say, not the most talented (although Sally has potential with training), but certainly bring a lump to your throat - it was lovely to see them in the final. Hollie's vocal really doesn't work for me, I'm not one to pigeon hole people but whereas Shaheen is a soul singer and Shaun is a boybandee type, is she destined for shows or a fledging opera singer?

Stavros Flatley are the total fun package, the old man is having an absolute ball! Lord of the Dance and you get more fun when they've finished. Shaun up next, doing 'Ain't No Sunshine again and I'm very impressed that his voice got even stronger at the end of the 'I know' sequence!

Susan I didn't think was as strong as before, probably because hearing her the first time was so unexpected. And having seen 'Beyond the Barricade' since, I prefer their version of the song. She's good but I think Piers and Amanda have lost the plot slightly. Simon's clearly thinking it might not be good enough.

My favourites all along have been Diversity - they have, I tell you - I'm not just saying that now! Read back if you don't believe me! And they gave us something new again, with Superboy and the buzzers, which brought squeals of delight from the whole house and a general: Yep, they should win/I'm voting for them/they're the best etc. Amanda could have lost them a few votes there though, with the comment about Flawless, it brought some boos. But then Piers evened it up. *whispers: Think I'm developing a little bit of a crush on Ashley* Jeez, I'm probably old enough to be his mum, isn't that depressing? Julian played 'Somewhere' again, and stronger than before - and having gone straight through on the public vote in the semi, he can't be discounted.

The moment of truth and they are calling out the final three. Susan Boyle - expected; Julian Smith, probably unexpected. Come on, come on - I swear Aidan just mouthed ... DIVERSITY, oh yes! 3rd Place - I feel quietly confident that'll be Julian and it is. I'm still convinced Susan will win but hoping it'll be Diversity ...and it is! Woooohoooo! Brilliant, totally brilliant, they've been consistent and entertaining and they're a fab bunch. Can't wait to see what they put together for the Queen!


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, Jaye, I don't know what all this fuss is about. No, not the government fiasco, no, not the financial downturn - this Britain's Got Talent thing. I looked into the final last night (out of curiosity and nothing better to do - the first time I've seen the programme) and, honestly, thought I was in my down town community hall looking at a slightly better than average talent contest. Helped considerably by big band backing and bright lights and bling.
Of course I might have had a better slant on things if I'd followed the show from the beginning. I was vaguely aware that something was 'happening' on the tellie because of lots of mug shots of surprised looking lady with big eyebrows and wide open mouth.
Not my thing, obviously. I'll go back to reading Pride and Prejudice. Bye.

Jaye said...

nice to hear from you anyway - it's a good job you didn't see the rest of it - some of them were far worse than you'd have seen in your local, trust me! I watch this/xfactor and the like, purely in the hope of seeing something special, even if it's just the one thing. Other than that, you'll usually find me with my nose in a book too :-)

foxy said...

This is the only non-celebrity reality show I watch. Sometimes dip into the X-factor auditions, but I never watch the live shows. Can't help getting sucked into BGT! :o)

Our neighbours must have thought we'd won the lottery or something! When it was down to Diversity or Susan we both looked at each other and said 'Susan I'll bet, at least they got second', then they were announced as winners and we were screaming and jumping around like lunatics! Lol :o)

Found out today that Ashley is onyl 20! So now I feel a bit wrong swooning over him as well Scatty lol :o)

Scatty said...

LOL - you're a lot closer to his age than I am. He's er, very mature isn't he *ahem*

foxy said...

He does look older - not in a nasty way! He looks good lol :o) And I can't believe the 2 littler members are 12 and 13! They look much younger than that to me. How can there only be 7 years difference between them and Ashley? It's all too crazy :o)

Scatty said...

I'm wondering, now they've got the money to expand, d'you think they'll want some yummy mummies to dance with? *lives in hope*

foxy said...

You can but dream Scatty :o) You can but dream lol

Starting to fret over friday now - what the hell am I going to wear? Where the hell are my nice black shoes? What on earth am going to do with the birds nest that is my barnet? Those kind of thoughts you know ;o)

Scatty said...

I'll be doing the same on Friday at 5pm - it's far too early for me to panic yet!

Antonia said...

Diversity were brilliant, but I have to admit I've preferred Flawless all along. Diversity danced a blinder in the final though.

Jaye said...

I love the street dance troupes, they give you such a buzz.

Not long now before Strictly's back with us :)