Friday, 29 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent Round Up 2

Assuming I haven't taken up stamp collecting instead, of course - because, frankly, it's not all been a barrel of fun has it? Even the panel admit to beng exhausted: Yeah - you wanna try actual working for a living, bloody prima donnas ...

Last night had a few acts I did enjoy - Julian Smith and his sooo sweet sax gave 'All by Myself' it's self respect back (if the last time you heard it was by Bridget Jones) and the Kent girls Sugar Free have been the best girl dance troupe, they've clearly taken on board the structure of Diversity/Flawless but it was 2Grand that made it through with Julian, with another touching performance - somebody there is pitching on exactly the right songs for these two - if it's their choices *thumbs up*.

But tonight, oh good grief - no competition for Aiden Davis, so cool, and that set with the - I've no idea what the technical term is - the mirror/projected images of him. Simple yet inspired. I'd say the act I enjoyed most apart from him was Dreambears! Poor, brave Hollie was put through but didn't get my vote for being brave I'm afraid - I thought her singing was pretty off. DCD Seniors may have had a chance if they'd left the seen-it-all-before disco dancing alone.

A quick run down then of the finalists - 6.45pm , ITV1 tomorrow, if you haven't bought your tv paper yet:

Susan Boyle; Diversity; Flawless; Sean Smith; Shaheen Jafargholi; Hollie Steele; 2Grand; Julian Smith; Aidan Davis; Stavros Flatley & Son.

Susan appears to be the favourite but if they all perform to their best it could be a lot closer than we think. I'll be looking forward to the dance troupes most, though would love Shaheen and Julian to blow me away with something mega soulful or jazzy.


foxy said...

Without being mean, I have to agree with you about Hollie. She didn't actually produce any tears which makes me a bit cynical, but leaving that aside she is the weakest of the singers in my opinion. Even 2 Grand were better....sorry Hollie :o)

Absolutely loved Stavros Flately! Would love them to win just because, Simon is right, you can't help but feel happy and upbeat watching them and they've got such a sweet relationship.

Also loved Diversity and Shaun too actually. Suprised myself a bit with that one, but I do love 'Ain't No Sunshine' as a song - fantastic song! :o) Still swooning a little over Ashley - I believe the official term is PHWOAR!! Lol :o) He is gorgeous though isn't he ;o) Gotta stop being cheeky now and be serious - If I was deciding (based on talent not good looks) I would pick Diversity, but would be happy if Stavros won too! :o)

I am sort of hoping Susan doesn't win - I know that sounds horrible, but I really think in comparison to Shaun and Shaheen her tuning is just not as good as theirs, so she doesn't deserve to win over them.

Really long message lol I am a little too over-excited I think :o)

foxy said...

OMG! DI-VER-SI-TY! DI-VER-SI-TY! I can't believe my favourite actually won! The public aren't as stupid as I thought lol ;o) Very suprised that 3rd place went to Julian Smith, but then the public love a sob story and he was a really nice guy :o)

Scatty said...

Yay *whoop whoop* Everyone where I was wanted them to win. We were taking the mickey out of the kids being all excited but when Diversity were called out in the top three I let out a yell and punched the air!