Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Beyond the Barricade: A Musical Feast

Led by singer/comedian (really - great jokes!) David Fawcett - think celebrity lovechild of Ray Winstone and Alfie Boe - this tour de force of music transferred from the West End to our provincial theatres shouldn’t be missed. Beyond The Barricade currently comprises David, Beccci Morrell, Katie Leeming and Andy Reiss - and is in it’s tenth anniversary year with no sign of stopping. We’re treated to songs from major musicals - Miss Saigon, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Blood Brothers, Chess, The Lion King and more, plus one from new musical Jekyll and Hyde called This is the Moment, which was fab, but is only being performed in Malta!!! (For now!)

I went for the cheap seats, figuring they’d be at the back - it’s not a big theatre - but they were at the front, right next to the speakers! *EEK* Am completely deaf now. No, I jest - it was actually ok, being much more with the melody and voices than it would be, say, for AC/DC! Although they did perform Bohemian Rhapsody, which was awesome (considering I‘m not a Queen fan!) I was the only one who started bobbing though … but there was no stopping the clapping and tapping for the Supercalifragilistic/Chitty Chitty Bang Bang medley, I don’t think there was a still foot in the house!

Having heard just the snippet of I Dreamed a Dream on Britain’s Got Talent, I was thrilled to hear it all the way through. Many friends have told me, if there’s one musical I should see, it’s Les Miserables, and following this performance and other songs from the show, I now understand why: Emotional and powerful and as soon as I get the chance, I’m going. In the meantime though, if, like me, it’s a major military operation for you to arrange a trip Up West - check out your local theatre, you never know what gems you’ll find.


foxy said...

I would agree wholeheartedly with your friends Scatty, Les Miserables is a definite must-see musical! :o)

Unfortunately I got a fit of the giggles at a particularly dramatic moment, but it was only because I was sat right at the side of the stalls and could see the chaos going on in the wings! People sat behind gave me a few funny looks at the end. I did try to muffle my laughter, I was just unsuccessful that's all...oops lol :o)

I suppose I would recommend any show being a bit of a musicals fiend. Going to see Billy Eliott in August and Jersey Boys in December and I'm already over-excited! Before that Ian and Camilla and been jammy and got a ticket to Michael Jackson at the O2, so lots to keep me entertained :o)

Incidently, I feel I should warn you now, I've done something to my back, so bent over dancing may be the best I can muster on the 5th lol :o)

Scatty said...

Oops indeed! what are you like :)

Apart from Ian/Cam I've nothing else booked at the mo, once we've completed the decorating tho, I'm going to see what's out there - there are loads of comedy shows being recorded at the beeb - it's making arrangements that's the problem - oh, I'm lying - I'm going to see 'The Tempest' in Regents Park the week after Ian/Cam! BTW, if I can get my mum to drive, I'll probably be doing to some bending over dancing too, lol.