Sunday, 24 May 2009

Britain's Got Talent while I've got no internet, grrrrr

I'm round my mum's at the moment - for those of you not following my Twitter updates - because our internet connection has gone AWOL and I just can't face sitting with the phone clamped to my ear over this glorious weekend. And I just realised I've left my notes from last night's show at home!

So relying on my memory - this could be a laugh - why d'you think I'm nicknamed 'Scatty' ...

Thought the girl band - Brit Chix? (Note to Foxy - I'll be expecting you to fill in the blanks, btw!) were very good, brave to go up and do something original. Loved the Little Drummer Boy from Kent (yay!) Keiron - can't believe they didn't put him through to the live shows, especially when you saw some of those that did make it. Love to know how they decide. Hubby and kids cracking up at my outrage, reckon I'm taking it too seriously. Oh, come on, the old bloke Fred - good for his age but really not that good was he?

The belly dancer - certainly the most attractive one this year, can't say I saw an awful lot of her actual belly dancing though, could you? My lot all glued to it, I put an eye mask over Matt, specially with the Girl in Martini glass, what was that all about?

The Ears 'n' Nose man? No, thanks - and have blocked the others out I think - tonight will be interesting, two decent acts will go, out of Sue Son, Diversity, Susan Boyle and Natalie Okri - serve the judges right if Darth Jackson makes it through by right!


foxy said...

Haven't watched last nights show yet Scatty. Been in Gloucester visting relatives over last few days - only got back in the house 15 minutes ago and the first thing I've done is look on the internet to see which 40 acts are through! Lol :o) Got my priorities right eh?

Recorded it and will probably put it on after the semi tonight, though I know a dance duo went through and are also through to the semi's as well as some guy called Nick Hell (no idea what his so called talent is!).

I'm actually really cross now I've seen the list! It's all singers, dancers and musicians, they've left out some really individual, truly brilliant acts - especially some acrobatic ones I thought were unique and highly entertaining. The trapeze brother and sister, the rope acrobat, the girl with her metal wheel acrobatics, the strongman, the 4 piece acrobatic tumble group...why have they been left out and dj talent, darth jackson, flower arranging and singing (????????), human saxophone and fabia?? Are they seriously taking the p*** or what?!?! Grr...

Scatty said...

Goody, it's not just me who's cross - especially when you see how they treat the bad acts they put through!