Saturday, 16 May 2009

Britain's got great young talent

Two that stood out tonight - Aiden Davis, in the George Sampson mode, only different - it was like he was on castors or a conveyour belt or something! Mesmerising.

And little Natalie Okri, so adorable - big voice, will be blistering when she's older. Probably a touch too young at the moment, but well worth her place in the next round.

An honourable mention for the girls from Kent - Sugar Free, and for Two Grand, who, whilst not being the best, albeit competent, singers - had that undefinable quality that grabbed the audience, me included; totally charming. Funny of the night was Faces of Disco - I thought 'naff' to begin with and then couldn't stop laughing!

There's a quote of the night too - from Brenda, back again from last year, who, on being told 'No', quipped to Ant and Dec: "Well, I'll have to go for pole dancing next year!"


America's Got Talent said...


Julie P said...

I know! That little Natalie was so sweet. I don't normally watch Britain's got talent but I was channel flicking and happened upon Natalie singing. I think you're right, she's going to go a long way when she's older.

Jaye said...

I think it's going to be toughter to pick a winnder this year - I don't recall there being so many good ones to choose from last year :)

foxy said...

At the risk of being unpopular I thought Natalie was very cute, but we've heard better child singers. Shaheen tops her in my opinion.

Loved Faces of Disco - I've seen them before on a different show and it's nice to see a dance act that's a little more unusual, though having said that I thought Sugar Free (great choice of name!) and Aiden were brilliant!

Definitely a good year for dance talent, but I fear the public won't vote for a dance act to win 2 years in a row! :o(

Jaye said...

hiya foxy!

I agree, Shaheen is top kiddie singer so far.

Crikey - did you spot those typos?
Toughter? Winnder? Oh dear ...

foxy said...

I can hardly make a big deal out of your typos considering the state of some of my messages can I! Lol :o)

Personally I would love a dance group to win, but like I said, the public are a funny bunch and because a dance act won last year I think people will actively vote for something else. Reckon it'll be a singer this year.

Though....I read a poll today that had 70% of it's particpants saying they were sick of hearing about Susan Boyle, so maybe one of the others will benefit from her media overkill?

Jaye said...

I was thinking that re Susan Boyle - and the two that have stuck in my mind most were Shaheen and Diversity, only one more week and then they whittle them down!