Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Rant of the Day

Haven’t had one of these for a while – but really – what difference will £60 million make to abused kids if the extra social workers employed still can’t get in to see them? My sister in law tells me that the RSPCA can act on a tip off, turn up unannounced and demand entry to see an animal – until they do the same for social workers, atrocities like Baby Peter will continue to happen.


Julie P said...

The Social Workers just can't win can they? There are some terrible social workers out there but there are also some very good ones who are tied by legislation and lack of funding and paper work. I feel that there will be more of these awful tragedies to come before the situation improves.

I'm not surprised there aren't enough social workers - I wouldn't do it, and I suspect a lot have left due to the back lash over Baby P even though it wasn't in their area.

I know how they feel. I gave up nursing because it just wasn't safe to do it any more - the threat of litigation and abuse from patients and their relatives was just too great.

I think we need to respect our caring professionals more, not give them more money, neccessarily, but by protecting them and enabling them to do their job properly. The media has made social workers out to be evil. It's the folks who harm children who are the evil ones - they're the ones who need tougher punishments. Again social workers can't win - if they take the kids off parents they are seen as going overboard but if they don't people go mad. Either way they can't do the right thing.

What I fear is going to happen now is that we will make social workers too twitchy and they'll be taken kids off innocent parents left right and centre - I can't wait to see the headlines then as it will all be the social workers fault again!!!

Jaye said...

I couldn't do those jobs I have to say, so I'm full of admiration for those that do - hopefully employing more wil ease how many case loads they have, but the red tape has to be cut, because you're right - innocent families suffer whilst the monsters seem to get away with it.