Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Stupid dog breeders - Pedigree Dogs Exposed BBC1

I can't believe what I'm seeing and hearing on the TV at the moment - how these people can continue to defend what they do in the face of the overwhelming evidence of pain and illness in their supposed pride and joy.

If ever we were considering buying a dog, this programme just made our minds up to avoid any pedigree pups and stick with a cross breed.

The national breed, the bulldog, in some cases can't even mate or give birth naturally, they're so deformed. The Rhodesian Ridgeback - perfectly healthy pups are destroyed for not having the ridgeback. White boxer pups and white German Shepherds too, destroyed because they're not the right colour. Sound familiar?

The breeders and The Kennel Club should be ashamed of themselves. Carole Fowler has been campaigning for years to change the ideals of affected breeds, refusing to be fobbed off. Let's hope this programme helps and that we as a nation stop lining the pockets of these greedy, selfish breeders. I doubt I'll be watching Crufts again.


Anonymous said...

Knowledge is power. Educate everyone around you and have them pass the knowledge to all those around them. We can put breeders out of the business of selling dogs like inanimate objects. It just takes time and effort by all of us who have the knowledge to share.

Jaye said...

Very true, thanks for visiting :)