Friday, 29 August 2008

And we're off... Strictly Come Dancing Series 6! Yay!

The line up is released and the live show starts on 20th September! Hee hee, I’m excited already. Now then, if you lost all communication with the outside world yesterday, here they are. I’ve watched the trailer a few times, these are my first impressions …

Ian Waite and Jodie Kidd: Two time finalist and the model turned racing driver/polo player. The action girl of the show? They look great together, a real sense of partnership already.

Brendan Cole and Lisa Snowdon: Official bad boy and Series One winner partnered with the glamour puss again! Model and TV presenter, I dunno - but looks a bit posey to me, in the still photo and the video. And, strangely there are fleeting clips of her in between the other couples 2 or 3 times though the video. Now why’s that? Subliminal advertising? It’s put me off, quite frankly.

Vincent Simone and Rachel Stevens: The Argentine Tango King with former S-Club singer. They seem very nice, bit brother and sister- ish.

Erin Boag and Austin Healey: Series 3 runner up Miss Whiplash bags herself a fit lad in the rugby player. We know he can Morris Dance, but can he Salsa? Assured, respectful.

Ola Jordan and Andrew Castle: Ola did brilliantly playing to Kenny’s strengths last year, can she help break the curse of GMTV? They seem at ease and happy.

Kristina Rihanoff and John Sargeant: A new pro, unknown quantity but seemed happy enough on The One Show, she has the charming, witty newsman and they seem very chilled.

Hayley Holt and Mark Foster: 2nd new lady Pro - and she ain‘t complaining, paired with the super fit Five time Olympian. They looked relaxed, smiley.

Karen Hardy and Gary Rhodes: Series 4 winner meets TV Chef - and to me it looked like they were on the same wave length, a very mischievous look about them. He’s a local lad - we have Buckmore Park in common, so a bit predisposed towards them already.

Lilia Kopylova and Don Warrington: Series 3 winner and distinguished actor. It didn’t look like there were sparks between them, but it’s early days.

Anton Du Beke and Gillian Taylforth: Mr ‘I can say what I like and get away with it’ looking good with the experienced actress, big grins all around.

James Jordan and Cherie Lunghi: Last year’s Pro I’d love to have seen more of - on the face of it, a completely different partner but then you realise that Cherie’s about 56 and to look like that she’s taken care of herself - could be a dark horse.

Brian Fortuna and Heather Small: The new male Pro partners the M People singer, who surely can carry the rhythm through. She can‘t keep the grin off her face; he reminds me of Leonardo di Caprio - only looks about 12.

Darren Bennett and Jessie Wallace: Series 2 winner has another ex-Eastenders actress and they do look fun together. Can’t wait to see Darren in leopard print …

Flavia Cacace and Phil Daniels: Last year’s finalist dancing with the on-screen dad of last year’s partner. Flav doesn’t mind; he looks a bit “Why am I here?”

Matthew Cutler and Christine Bleakley: Last year’s winner coupled with the popular hostess of The One Show - both assured of a lot of support, but she’ll have to back it up with the moves. She’s excited, he’s wondering “ Can I do it again?”

Camilla Dallerup and Tom Chambers: Always the bridesmaid - hopefully not this year, Cam’s landed the Holby City actor with more than a little showbiz in his blood! I’m biased towards Cam, anyway, I hope he can live up to this for her sake! And I hope they give her better outfits than what’s on that video!

The SCD Message Board is open for business, there’s a lot of familiar names returning. The GG’s, mindful that we may have been seen as sore losers last year, decided against starting a ‘reunion’ thread of some kind, however, someone else saw fit to! So if you see Gethin’s name on a thread, pop in and say hello, as you may find me there.

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