Saturday, 23 August 2008

3bt: Saturday night in

Watching the very scary woman on X Faxtor -you know the one - but Alexandra worth the wait for. Swapping chocolate, Matt doesn't like Twisteds. Where did I go wrong? Hubby had to give him an assortment of raisins, maltesers and coatless minstrels from the family bag of Revels. (Don't forget to vote). Settled back then for Have I Got News For You and Mock the Week, a solid hour of mirth.

A story on teletext: From a mining town in Australia, where the men outnumber the women five to one. Someone suggested bussing in the less attractive women from outer lying areas to even things up a bit! A local woman stated: "We've got a saying here, that the odds are good but the goods are odd!" Classic.

BRACE YOURSELVES!!!!!! Saturday Nights in till Christmas.

The BBC are releasing teasers for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing. The message boards have gone into overdrive, the usual rag reckons it has an exclusive, the line up will be confirmed next week. Check out the trailer here and see if you can identify anyone!

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