Sunday, 17 August 2008

Hi Di Hi Campers: Holiday 3bt

We went to Weymouth for the day – the scenic route. Which rapidly became 'Retail parks I have known and could really have done without meeting, thanks.' A bit of a funfair, karting and amusements, an Italian meal and finally, fireworks on the open water before hubby began marching us back to the one big car park in Weymouth – and then back the other way after I asked the kind lady in Tescos where the car park actually was.

Talking of apt names, as I did in the previous post, the Hampshire colloquialism for a seagull is 'Shitehawk'.

Matt, in the soft play area. Dad asked: "You all right, son?"
"The girls keep chasing me with the balls, Dad."
"Do you want to come out?"
"No." He reappeared a little later: "It's alright Dad, they haven't caught me yet!"
At what age do the boys start chasing the girls?