Thursday, 21 August 2008

3bt: More sporty stuff

Credit to Johanna Jackson, for a new British Record in the Olympic 20km walk.

Playing Badminton with Matt - outdoors first, then when the rain came we moved into the front room/toy store/laundry/spider cultivation ranch whereupon he staggered back for a forearm smash and fell over into his lego box.

Discovered the recent WIKF Karate World Championsips - more table topping, from Team England this time: 12 Gold, 8 Silver, 8 Bronze. Plus a Gold and a Silver for two Northern Irish Swimmers, were it Team GB. That's a third of the available Golds! I hope the BOA have the power to include Karate in 2012, it's one of the the biggest participation sports in the UK; wouldn't it be nice if they got a little bit of coverage - even BBC Sport let me down on this occasion.

WIKF Karate World Championships

Gold: Andy Michaelides, Chloe Walsh, Jamie Carrol, Charlie Collins, Ben Coward, Gavin Baley, Ben Hackett, Katie Hurry x 2, Initiate Female Kumite Team, Juvenile Female Kumite Team, Juvenile Male Kumite Team, (N.I- Janet Forie)

Silver: Yuki Price, Jay Kirton, Tegan Walsh, Barry Batson, Kevin Mcauslan, Tanto Dori Team, Initiate Male Kumite Team, Cadet Female Kumite team, (N.I - Michael Keenan)

Bronze: Hannah Lewis, Jerome Brown, Chole Clifton, Shauna Carrol, Tom Waters, Daniel Hollister, Cadet Male Kumite Team, Senior Male Kumite Team

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