Sunday, 17 August 2008

Holiday Bingo

Brad's first time in a proper bingo game, believe it or not and he was incredulous at the amount of player participation. I knew a few of the sayings “66, clickety click” Cue everyone clicking their fingers. “Number 4, knock on the door.” Knuckles on the tables. “3 and 5 ...” “Aye Aye chicken pie!” they all shouted. Eh? What's all that about? Legs 11 we knew – everyone wolf whistles; Kelly's Eye “Spit in it!” they shout. “Thank you spitters!” replies the caller. There's the usual “Two little ducks, 22” (Everybody quacks), two fat ladies has been replaced with two 'wobblers', even holiday camps having succumbed to the pc brigade. There were gasps and mutterings when a little boy calling out the numbers for the kids game reverted to 'two rotundly challenged persons'. Mostly people sniggering, of course. The Entertainments officer quickly stepped in when a single wobbler turned up. In the end, I was woo-wooing and tapping to “59, Brighton Line” just to wind Brad up. No sense of occasion, teenagers.

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