Sunday, 17 August 2008

Playing catch up...

I've just come back from my hols, which is why I've been neglecting you! (Apart from the solitary trip to a local library last week, I've been spending Quality Family Time with hubby and the kids). And we're in the middle of the Olympics, trying to keep up with Team GB this weekend. How fantastic has it been! I've given our medal winners a permanent home over there on the left, but felt there were a few special mentions required:
Gemma Spofforth, 4th in her backstroke final but setting a new British and European Record; Mara Yamauchi, 6th in the Womens Marathon but only around 40 seconds away from Gold; Mens 4x100 freestyle relay team taking over five seconds off their British record, the mens 4x200 slicing over three seconds off theirs and the ladies 4x100 medley relay setting a new British and European record.

Mens 100 metre final: Watched Usain Bolt busting a gut to make it to the line first. Or not. He had it won at 60 metres, popped over the road for a cup of tea and a slice of cake, stopped by the press tent for a bit of banter, before arriving back at the line just in time to break the world record. Unbelievable. Never was an athlete more aptly named.

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