Thursday, 19 February 2009

The things they say:

Matt went all serious and topical on me:

“Mum, did you know there’s a 13 year old boy who’s a dad?”


“I want a baby. I want triplets and I’m going to call them Todd, Tim and Tiddle.”

“You’re going to call your child after a cat? And ....Triplets!!!!”


“You just stay away from girls until you’re 25.”


foxy said...

Blimey Scatty! How old is your son? Bit early to be thinking about that isn't it?! Triplets!!!! He must be mad - I'm not sure I could cope with one....and I trained as a teacher, yes I do know that's ironic lol :o) Teaching them is not the same as living with them. I don't think Matt has thought it through tbh ;o)

Scatty said...

It's ok - he's back on Runescape now and hasn't mentioned it again! Got the usual "UGH" when I mentioned girls :)

Julie P said...

I never thought about things like boys when I was that age! It amazes me how forward and knowledgeable kids are these days. It's a sign I'm getting old!

madge said...

My granddaughter brought a baby
home from school( not a real one, thank goodness) when she was 13. It woke the whole house up during the night but unfortunately it hasn't put her off. If only I could have tried it first and then I might have remained childless. Rubbish, I love them, well, most of the time. Sounds like your son would prefer kittens any way. CU soon.

Jaye said...

Ooh, don't mention the 'o' word Julie! They do seem to grow up too quickly these days don't they. Lol Madge - he was back to asking for a puppy today! *Phew* He's not getting one mind, they take as much looking after as babies don't they!