Sunday, 8 February 2009

Running Commentary, Dancing on Ice: Week Five

Special guest Bette Midler (looking very trim) opens the show with T&D in understated mood, to a song that could be the American Eurovision entry. The transitions betweens T&D’s lifts are just so effortless, just like the chat between Bette and Phil, much less awkward than the scripted exchange between Bette and Brucie. Holly’s ready for bed (I jest, that’s the nicest dress I’ve seen her in so far.) The required element: One footed change of edge, I think they said. My telly can’t cope with the orange and pink combos, I wish they’d stop it. And Melinda will never stay in that dress and I want trousers like Maria’s (without the see-through bits). And oh, God - Roxiel are doing the Headbanger! A warning first please, don’t just surprise us! Karen reminds me of my sister-in-law. Ruthie gets boos!

Pavica are doing a Fred and Ginge - Cheek to Cheek. A few nerves crept in there but a proper ballroom dance on ice, accompanied by Ella. Works for me. Score: 22 Floral are counting music and dancing to Black and Gold - now where’ve I heard that recently? Skated very well I thought, loved the Olympic hydroplane, plenty of skating. Score: 17 Roxiel - toe curling buttock clenching time - it’s Hallelujah. Lovely routine, their Headbanger not so scary, beautiful lifts - it’s the footwork transitions on the ice that are sometimes a bit sticky (like I’d know). Score: 16.5 Jason’s set the audience off again. PS. Re the Headbanger, it became a float due to a slightly clumsy entry, which is why it wasn‘t so scary.

Frankery “Don’t mention the lift!” are enjoying themselves to Boogie Wonderland, needs more speed and hasn’t improved as much as I thought he would. Fun though. Score: 15 Zomatt bringing out some tricky lifts - but she’s not crying so that’s an improvement. Gorgeous routine to one of the first songs I ever bought - ‘Lovin You’ by Minnie Ripperton who was married to Richard Rudolph who produced the ‘Lady T’ album by Teena Marie, my favourite singer. What’s that, this isn’t 6 degrees from …ok Score: 22 Todzie have ‘Smile’ aw, bless - perfect. Looking much more confident in training. Come on Todd! Is it me or has anyone else noticed they all looking a bit trimmer tonight? Heartwarming and sweet; looked like he did more skating in training though?! Score: 8.5

Frelinda dancing to ‘Up’ by the Saturdays. I’d never heard of them before ‘Issues’ which bugged me for ages before I found out who it was. Such a shame about the stumble, although well recovered it was looking like a routine full of attitude until then. She’s gutted - but may get the chance again. Score: 16.5. Colart - oh dear - you know how I feel about the crying/I can’t do it brigade. Can’t fight the moonlight or the tears! There now - what was she worried about? Really nice routine, only one little titchy barely there trip. LOL at the horse impression. Score: 15.5 Maray being challenged all the way with the choreography - wish they’d challenge him to lose that hair band! This is brilliant - absolutely my favourite of the night, the musicality, the rhythm, the fun, the dancing - Canned Heat by Jamiroquai a terrific choice for them. Score: 26.5 Well deserved, just the slight wobble on the knees at the end.

After the shock last week we know no-one is safe, so I’ve thrown a vote in for Pavica, Floral, Roxiel and Maray. Didn’t foresee Michanie last week, so not tempting fate again tonight! Jason was asked who’s out-stayed their welcome and answers “Apart from me?” The Skate Off - Safe and skating next week: Roxiel -yay - Maray - yay - Frelinda - Pavica - yay - Floral - yay and WooHoo! Zomatt; So who’ve the fans deserted - Todzie or Colart or both? Just noticed the glitter on Phil’s suit - ugh. Colart safe! Unless Ellery really stuffs up, he’ll be safe - the nerves took hold though and Ruthie went for the improved performance of Todd but it’s 4-1. I feel quite choked actually. Until they said those magic words: It’s 80’s week next week!!!! What do we reckon? Never Gonna Give You Up - Tainted Love - I Feel For You - Don’t You Want Me - True - The Only Way is Up - Vienna - When I Think of You - OMG, there are so many … over to you, Foxy! :D


Suzanne said...

Can't wait for 80's week. That's my eara.

Am gutted about Todd. I remember him as Tucker Jenkins and he was soooo cool (at least to an easily impressed 11 year old). Am showing my age there.


foxy said...

Absolutely gutted about Todd leaving! One of the most entertaining for sure! :o(

Collart really got on my nerves with the I've got to quite/It's too hard, so I'm disappointed she got the sympathy vote and went through instead.

On the bright side loved Floral (4th place, who'd a thought!) Maray and Roxiel. Thought the scores were hard on them actually, think she did better than she was given credit for and Jason showed his biased by saying he 'never looks forward' to her performance! Probably because she spoke back to him lol ;o)

80's week! Woohoo! Someone surely, has to do Rick Astley it will be a crime if they don't! I would also like to hear Right Said Fred...just for a bit of a laugh, not a serious routine you understand ;o) True, Everybody wants to rule the world, Wake me up beforee you go go, Don't leave me this way, Sometimes and even Lady in red would be ok by me too :o)

Jaye said...

You're in good company Suzanne - Tucker was the epitome of cool!

Ain't no stoppin' us was the 70s - it's all a blur for me between 78-86 lol.

Right Said Fred could be hilarious, can see Ellery doing that - also, how about Rio - I Found Loving - Sweet Love and Careless Whisper? What's the betting NONE of these are used! :D

foxy said...

Good news ladies - Todd has said in an interview that he's signed up for the tour, so get your tickets now! Got mine for Wembley weeks ago :o)

Careless Whisper is the cheesiest song EVER! I think I'd cringe if it was actually used...then again I did suggest Lady in red, which isn't much better lol ;o)

I'm obviously too obsessed for my own good Scatty - bought my tickets for Strictly 2010 today :o/ And I couldn't get any closer than 6 rows forward for any of the performances at the O2 because they've already sold, so it looks like I'm not the only one! :o)

Jaye said...

I saw the 2010 tickets on sale already! I'll wait to see who's on it first though - you're much more dedicated than me - and I thought I was obsessed! :)

foxy said...

Only way to get the best seats is to get in early :o) Am near front of the lower section, so I'll have a good view of whoever takes my fancy lol ;o)

foxy said...

My addiction gets worse...I found even better seats today so have purchased those knowing I can't refund the others. I'm going to put them on e-bay and sell them like that :o) Couldn't miss the opportunity for brilliant seats! Lol What am I like :o)

Jaye said...

You are nuts! But if you've still got them next year I'll take them off you - there's bound to be someone I'll enjoy :)