Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Origin of a Species

Today is the birthday of a very special man. One who made a huge impact on my life and quite possibly yours too, as we ponder how some creatures can evolve into perfect specimens, completely at one with their environments; we consider how their bodies are perfectly tuned to the needs of their own kind. And we contemplate the complexities of life, such as “I wonder if he’ll win tonight” and “Will he get his kit off anytime soon?” I’m talking about Gethin Jones - who’re you thinking of? Oh, of course - it’s Charles Darwin’s birthday too!

Happy birthday to you
Sticky backed plastic and glue
Sparkly sequins and a fake tan
And a see through shirt too!

I’ve never claimed to be a poet, OK! Happy Birthday and good luck in Glasgow, Gethin.

Warning: Annie is there alone, there’s no-one to tie her down!


foxy said...

Lol Scatty - you make me giggle so much with your cheeky posts! :o)

I didn't know it was his birthday today, I'm a bad fan!

Happy birthday to you
Wearing sequins and blue
The best strictly dancer
And the sexiest too!

Scatty said...

I'm hoping for a text c.10.30 tonight to confirm if he or Tom win in Glasgow!

Did you know Gethin has won 3 times now and Tom won in Nottingham :)

foxy said...

Yeah, I check the website each day to see what's what. Glad Tom managed to pick up a win :o) Hoping the crowd will go with the birthday thing and give it to Gethin - come on people, it's only fair! ;o)

Bit scary it was his birthday today and I didn't know - I was dreaming about him last night! Wierd huh :o)

Scatty said...

Which website do you check, only the live tour one I check doesn't say - I had to trawl through a forum thread to find it.

And yes, decidedly weird dreaming about Charles Darwin ... lol, defo NOT weird dreaming of Gethin!

foxy said...

Oh...I just tap strictly come dancing tour into google and go to the live tour homepage, then click on the link that says tour dates and it gives a complete list of dates with the winners of each one next to them. Last one was on tuesday and it was Rachel that won again...drat! :o)

Gethin and I danced a Waltz to 'Heaven' and it was beautiful if I do say so myself :o) Though obviously I have made a few changes to my appearance in my head, so that I would look wonderful and the lovely Gethin would want to dance with me...yeah because that's likely to happen! Lol :o)

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Even though I have no idea of who your talking about and would likely be more interested in his dance partner, thanks for the chuckle!

My week would be much more dull without checking in on your news reports and blog posts.

Jaye said...

I've got a warm fuzzy feeling now, thank you, Buddhist Conservative. :)

In case anyone is wondering - Kenny won! Loyal lot, the Scots.

I'm sticking with 'Me and Mr Jones' for my waltz Foxy! ;)