Sunday, 8 February 2009

Strictly Come Dancing LIVE …mine’s a G & T

No ‘Running Commentary’ - it wouldn’t be fair on anyone yet to see the show - all I’ll do is recommend you do! It was a brilliant night’s entertainment, Julian Clary only marginally more hilarious than the warm up man - I had to lose the cardigan very early on as he had us up and dancing to Celebration and Amarillo before the start.

Tom and Cam were up first and the size of the dance floor meant they had to adjust their quickstep somewhat but what a way to kick off. It became apparent that Len was fixated on various parts of the anatomy, Bruno was on top form, Arlene was…Arlene, as only she can be and Craig was roundly booed for every score under 8!

Ballroom dance of the night was Gethin and Flavia’s waltz, although, I have to say I do prefer the original and why have wardrobe re-hashed Gillian’s tea-towel dress for Flavia? A quick break and the warm up man was back and showing an expertise in disco dancing, second only to me when I’ve had a few. Before the spotlights went up and the judges were preparing to re-take their places, both Bruno and Craig are spinning and dancing madly at opposite ends of the stage - the shadows looked fantastic, they should let us see them properly.

The Latin round brought us Julian’s samba - think Todd skating off the ice the other week and that’s how much I was laughing! Tom and Cam’s samba on the other hand, was full of joy and infectious rhythm and had incorporated some of the salsa moves, particularly the armography and is one very good reason to buy the DVD when it comes out. That, and it was impossible to watch everyone in the group dances, where I had eyes only for Gethin and Tom. Gethin got the crowd gagging for him - ok, we already were - whipping us up with his salsa.

Having been, it becomes clear why Rachel and Julian have been having such success ;) but not tonight! Once Tom was eliminated, hopes rested with Gethin and when it was just him and Rachel left and he was announced ‘WINNER’, I was up and punching the air and screaming. The poor woman next to me had been so quiet all night, putting up with me singing, dancing, cheering and booing where appropriate. The poor woman the other side of me was my mum; she’s used to it. We were played out of the arena by Stomp; anyone not yet in the mood for dancing, that would've clinched it.


foxy said...

Oh Scatty, I had such a FANTASTIC time last night - it was FAB-U-LOUS! Lol :o) Much better than last year, but I think that was mainly because for me the line up was much better. Last year all the celebs getting the best scores were ones I didn't really support, so it was nice to be cheering on Gethin, Tom and Jill. :o)

I did get a bit carried away and ended up voting 22 times, split between Gethin and Tom, but nevermind was for a good cause! ;o) I too was mesmerized during the group dance and completely missed Kenny nearly dropping Ola. I just heard the resounding Oooooo from the crowd and went 'What? What have I missed?!'. The dangers there of starring at Gethin for too long demonstrated perfectly! Lol :o) Will definitely be buying the dvd when it comes out :o)

Thrilled Gethin won! Especially after he was robbed 2 years ago :o) Mum and I were giggling like mad at Julian and I did wonder if he might be in with a shot because after all, he has won on the tour so far, so it wasn't out of the realms of possibility. The dances were all brilliant...even Rachel made me smile and that is saying something! Lol :o)

Quite hoarse today from all the shouting and booing, but it was worth it. And, I think I managed to pick you out. :o) Before the show were you the first people to sit in your row? I counted up 8 rows and there were two ladies sitting by themselves in the rows and from a distance I thought it looked like you. :o)

Scatty said...

Ah - yes, I missed the Kenny/Ola thing too then!

I'm ashamed - I only voted once for each - still don't trust my phone, that it won't lump another fiver on!

Confession time - I wasn't in block 104, I was in 111, so I don't think it could have been me, sorry! :( Don't know why I got the block wrong, I was convinced I was in 104! Till I got the tickets out of course. :)

Still buzzin' today!

foxy said...

Block 111 was where I was looking. That's where you told me you were sitting weeks ago :o) I told you I would be in block 104, so that's where the confusion must have come from lol :o)

Mum was a bit shocked I think when she turned round to see me still texting furiously in the break and asked 'how many times have you voted?' and got the reply '22. Why?' The eyebrows went up and I'm sure she muttered 'bloody hell' under her breath - she's obviously not as true a fan as me ;o)

Scatty said...

*slaps head* To coin a phrase from your other comment - this age thing - it doesn't get any better lol ...

foxy said...

I've already resigned myself to knowing this is as good as it's ever going to get for me and my memory! Lol :o)