Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Make Mine Chocolate (not that Kinder rubbish though)

Tom Chambers has a bunny rabbit, bless - isn’t he cute? I’m talking about the rabbit, Foxy! Ok, Tom’s not too shabby either. (And I think Clemmie must be a girl rabbit, since his other rabbit is called Winston and Clemmie was Winston Churchill’s wife - it’s amazing the things you remember isn’t it? It’s only because ‘Jennie, Lady Randolph Churchill’ starring Lee Remick, was one of my favourite programmes when I was little.)

Naturally my eye was drawn to this site, because ‘Make Mine Chocolate’ is my family motto. However, there are Important Issues going on here too - we all know a dog is for life, not just for Christmas; it seems the same goes for bunnies too. Only at Easter. So Make Mine Chocolate! (Ok, they’re preaching to the converted with me, but the sentiment remains). There are eggs going cheap at Asda, by the way - we‘ve already got a stockpile.


foxy said...

Thanks for posting the photo Scatty :o) He is rather cute isn't he....the rabbit I mean, of course! What in the world would make you think I was drooling over the truly sexy scrummy stud muffin that is Tom? ;o)

I can't think about easter eggs yet it's too soon, though my local shop has had them in since boxing day, so if the temptation did ever arise I know where to go lol :o)

Scatty said...

Blasphemy! It's NEVER too soon to think about Easter eggs! :D

Throg Niemand said...

If only I could trust myself to stockpile chocolate, rather than just eat it. You have greater willpower than I.