Sunday, 22 February 2009

Running Commentary, Dancing on Ice: Week Seh-VEN. Oops! Wrong show, sorry

I missed the opening - but I’m in time to hear Roxy say the dreaded ‘H’ word! Remember I said about my telly not liking the orange/pink combos? Thanks Holly, nice one. Will Young accompanies another mesmerising T&D routine (although with a couple of awkward looking lifts) Shut Up! I never said that, I love T&D. There’s always one of Jayne’s skating dresses I’d like a longer version of - tonight’s is the one. Required element: A chain of four elements, a sort of ice dancing triple jump. Chris implies it’s going to be a laugh, naughty Chris!

The difference the music makes: Mamma Mia gives me my favourite Zomatt performance to date. More skating, not perfect but required element there and I really like her trousers. Much more sparkle (the skating, not the trousers). Score: 23.5, their best. Fighting back again for Frelinda - Let’s Hear it for the Boy, no mistakes this time, excellent required element. I loved the running swing jump, best to date from them too. Score: 18.5? I thought it’d get a bit more than that. Wish she didn’t analyse so much though.

Floral dancing to Everybody Hurts. I’m sure they do, ice is hard. His little girl, bless - did she just say she’d let him make her pancakes? A bit of a trip, what a shame, because it was lovely, a real emotional connection. He recovered well again though. If he stays in - and I hope he does - I feel there’s a magnificent performance within Floral. I think it was a dodgy piece of ice myself. Score: 17 Roxiel in full saucy Marilyn Mode to I Wanna be Loved By You, and I’m hiding behind my notepad now but she’s ok, the headbanger worked! Score: 19. Ruthie just called her Zoe and is being booed; Jason’s on Roxy’s side for the first time.

Pavica share a fleeting video visit from KP *stops writing for a moment to savour the experience* and then dance to Unbreak My Heart. Very understated, gorgeous routine full of passion, nailed the required element and the first one to do it solo. At least I think she did because it looks like the squirly SCD cameraman has moved to DOI, since HE CUT TO PAVEL INSTEAD OF JESSICA! *DOH* Score: 24.5 There was a mistake but it was Pavel’s!

Maray are looking awesome in training again and sure enough, their Rock Around The Clock routine has everything it should have, timing, musicality, togetherness. They are brilliant to watch. Score: 29.5. Can they have him fully trained with a partner by the next Winter Olympics? Colart have to follow but have a great number in The Shoop Shoop Song - big improvement in the music tonight. Fun but still not improving her skating. I defend the public’s right to keep her in, but it’ll be a shame if any of the others go, they’ve all improved so much. Score: 16.5

Safe and skating next week: Colart! Whoa - toughest skate off coming up! Zomatt; Maray; Floral; Roxiel! OMG - Pavica have to be victims of assumption, surely! They’re making us wait while they show some of the auditions from Ice X-Factor, thankfully none of the really dreadful ones. There’s a four year old girl who’s been skating for six years, lol! She’s better than me. Some great looking acts there. Back to the skate off, Frelinda better than first time, will they do it again? Pavica nail the missed lift, it’s beautiful and we see all of the required element. That should see them through, yep 5-0 to Pavica - but Jason’s nasty comment has upset Jessica, more so than being in the dance off. When's Kevin due home? Jason better hope he didn't see that, not known for his shyness in stepping up, our KP. Props week next week! It was one prop the first year, two props last year - will they make it three? Can’t see it myself.


foxy said...

Doing the maths it means the Collart and Floral are getting a lot of votes and Pavica barely any. For her to be in the bottom two the voting had to be almost like a pyramid - those with least from the judges got most from the public otherwise they wouldn't be able to match Pavica's total. Means Zomatt might not be getting a lot from the public either!

I think it might be because she's done a tv skating show before and that could be viewed as an unfair advantage. Back at the beginning of SCD's success the BBC tried to capitalise by doing a celebrity skating show, but it didn't take off in the way DOI has and Jessica was one of the contestants.

I will admit it does put me off her slightly - I'm cheering more for the skaters like Donal and Roxy who have never had training whereas Jessicas been there done that and has already conquered the initial fear that goes with a show like this. I also don't think her personality comes through as much as some of the others, which may be stopping people voting for her.

She did look gutted though and I felt bad for her! Especially after Jason's comments - there's really no need for it, he was just plain rude!!

I was quite shocked by what Ruthie said to Roxiel tonight! She's supposed to be an objective professional. Shrugging your shoulders and announcing that someone "just doesn't do it" for you is practically the same as saying it doesn't matter what you do, I'll never mark you high because I don't like you. She lost a lot of credibility with me as a judge tonight and I know I'm not the only one round my way who thinks that. If she can't remain objective about the skaters, she shouldn't be there!

Oh dear...a lot of moaning tonight. Will try and cheer up by tomorrow :o)

Jaye said...

Totally agree with you about Ruthie - she gets her fair share of boos!
I remember that other ice dance show - was it the one that David Seaman won? I thought that was Michelle Heaton, another girl from Liberty-X. These pop stars - they all look the same, lol! D'you think Jessica's going to be the Rachel of this comp? I tend not to get so involved anyway, since you only have the actual show itself, so the funny ones like Coleen don't have time to grow on me so much. It'll be interesting to see if Pavica's vote picks up next week.

foxy said...

Yep that's the one, but wierdly it didn't affect David Seaman's popularity when he went on DOI after doing that show?! Maybe people just haven't warmed to her a la Rachel Stevens.

I think she'll be safe next week because it was a shock dance-off for her this week, but I do believe that means her chances of winning are very slim and she could well appear again before the final. I feel bad for whoever will have to skate against her :o/