Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Confessions of a Storyboarder

Storyboarding day on the scriptwriting course - this was a laugh and a half. Remind me never to enrol in an Art class. It certainly opens your eyes to a director’s job though - every single shot, not just scene; every angle of every camera shot has to be drawn.

We were given scenarios to choose from; I took ‘Someone was late’ and based it on standing up a boyfriend. Oh, come on - it was 28 years ago, I’m sure he’s forgiven me now. Sorry David! You see, I got off the bus at one stop and he wasn’t there. So I waited (for half an hour) then decided to get the bus home (no mobiles then you see, kids - we managed. Well, except in this instance, obviously - would have saved a lot of bother.) So my bus drives around the corner and I see David waiting at the bus stop around there. I was supposed to be meeting his mum for the first time; I bottled it and stayed on the bus. He phoned the next day and before he could say anything, I berated him for standing me up …I never did meet his mum. Oh, well - it never would have worked between us: He was an Arsenal fan.

From a story persective though - there's a 'what if' scenario if ever there was! What if ...I'd gotten off that bus? I might not be here typing this! :o

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