Saturday, 14 February 2009

3BT: Happy Valentine’s Day

Harriett Scott from HeartFM (how very apt!) is getting married today and has understandably been Going On about it for weeks! Congratulations, I hope all goes well!

They asked we listeners if anything had gone wrong on our wedding days - I answered No! I’m actually a good organiser but obviously couldn’t take credit for the fireworks that went off in the park opposite my reception venue, around 10pm. I might have inadvertently let some people believe I had a hand in them …

They asked for First Dances - ours were Anita Baker ‘Caught Up in the Rapture’ and (sick bucket not supplied) Guinn ‘Give Everything You Got For Love’. Which I supplied to the DJ, naturally - along with half my record collection and a must - play list that DID NOT include the Birdie Song or Agadoo or Bohemian Rhapsody. Consequently the dance floor was packed all night. When I told the DJ I liked Jazz, you see, he assumed Jazz Funk - it was like a Caister Finale! He said it was a change from the week before - when the bride’s dad kept telling him to turn the sound down! I made sure my dad had plenty of Guinness; his knees go - he wouldn’t have made it across the dance floor.

And they asked: 'Have You Ever' and 'How Did' you lose your wedding ring ? I dropped mine and it rolled the width of the bedroom floor (the bit with the missing piece of carpet. Don’t ask) and under the wardrobe (managing to miss the length of wood propping it up at the bottom. Don’t ask). Cue lots of ‘Where’s your wedding ring?‘ Not that he’s insecure or anything …it had to stay there until we decorated; honestly - you couldn’t have rolled it under there on purpose.

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