Sunday, 1 February 2009

Running Commentary, Dancing on Ice: Week Four

T&D and a fantastic return for Chris. Don’t know the song (help me, Foxy!) but I loved that routine. Full of swing and energy and fire. The required element tonight: Pairs spiral - Todd’s speciality!

Frelinda are doing the Macarena, I love it; Fred doesn’t. Why'd they put Melinda in an orange meringue? She looks like a bottle of Lucozade about to explode. Little bit tentative but overall well done. Score: 16.5 Oi, Jason - I was doing that last week “drunk people at a party” indeed. Well, duh! Maray dancing to Smooth Criminal, very funky but losing confidence. Adored the moonwalk sequence, small stumble but the butterfly jump brought his confidence back. Terrific musicality and spiral. Score: 24. Nicky’s face while Jason‘s talking LOL, he’s the one getting Jason in the car park tonight! To coin a TV Burp phrase: Fight, fight, fight, fight …Zomatt have Hot and Cold - very Zoe! Much more confident, the hypnotherapist appears to have worked. But she didn’t seem to have much skating, he seemed to do all the work. The necklace lift was great - foreshadowing the Headbanger to come, no doubt. Score: 20.

An impressive start for Frankery to With or Without You and an impressive lift, bit tentative in other places and overall it wasn’t particularly memorable. Score: 16 Ruthie being booed big time for “a safe performance” it didn’t have the fun of his first week, to be fair. Collart are in the mood for dancing! So am I, always! Samba feathers to go with a promenade walk. Spiral a bit shaky but they have such a fun time. Score: 16 Nicky’s going to be joined by Karen in the car park. Floral do The Blues Brothers Everybody Needs Somebody - Jayne wasn‘t kidding when she said there was some great music tonight. Nice suit, I bet her jacket will come off, she’s got tassles dangling out the back. Yep, there it goes. Such a shame about the fall, but a fantastic recovery, seems totally unfazed and carries on. Good on yer, Donal! He was so going for it. Score: 16 Nicky compensated for Jason and Ruthie’s low scores. Lovin’ the audience drowning out nasty Jason. :D wouldn’t it be great if the Strictly audience did that! Incidentally, I finally got round to checking my phone bill. I shan‘t be voting tonight.

Michanie have a bad fall and I’m thinking, oh, no, not again. But it’s Mel this time and she’s ok. *Phew* Dancing to Kiss (and make it better?) Excellent performance considering, great spiral, nice and fluid, almost back to last year’s Michael. Score: 18.5 Roxiel perform their best to date to Sweet about Me, lovely choreography, very warm partnership. Score: 17 should be safe, puts them above the melee. Todzie - dunno about Every Breath You Take - we’re all holding ours! I’m still laughing at last week, which is just as well, because this week wasn‘t anywhere near as entertaining. His spiral was better but I don’t think the comic choreography did him any favours. Better to give him proper choreography he can muck up, much funnier. Score: 7.5 - he got more last week!? Pavica last up to Groove is in the Heart. Very smooth and rhythmic, fantastic neck spin. Best spiral of the night and the performance was there. Score: 21.5 I didn’t see a stumble, apart from her eyelashes, which seem to have fallen on her cheeks.

Skate off? Frelinda or Frankery possibly. I think from Roxiel upwards on the scoreboard will be safe. But no: Safe and Skating next week: Floral; Pavica; Zomatt; Maray; Roxiel; Frankery! Todzie! Collart! It’s Frelinda and Michanie - they were so popular last year! Frelinda nailed the lift, more fluid. I didn’t know Mel and Fred were married. Michanie show more of Michael actually skating. Both stronger, nothing between them. Two votes each - Robin the casting one and it goes to Frelinda. Shame, Michanie were just starting to get their old partnership back.


foxy said...

Gutted Michanie are out! :o( But thrilled Donal and Todd are through - I'm warming to them more and more each week :o)

I didn't think Pavica were as good as their marks actually, nor Maray. Don't get me wrong, I really like Maray, but I think he was better last week. With the random choreography and stumble I really don't think 5 was justified. I actually agreed with Jason on that one - shock horror! :o)

With regards to the opening track that T&D danced to - I recognise the song and can hum it fine, but can I remember the title or artist? Of course not! And can I find any thing even resembling it on you tube? Of course not! You never can when you really want to can you lol :o) Sorry Scatty, I think I'm going to have to give that one up as a duff effort :o)

Jaye said...

I think Michanie were victims of that "Oh, they'll be safe, I won't need to vote for them" syndrome unfortunately - people like me! :(

Agree Maray shouldn't have got a 5, and also that Donal is growing on me too!

I remember a friend of mine phoning me up once - a song she liked but could only hum was being used as a soundtrack to something - and she's like "Turn the telly on, turn the telly on ..." and of course, by the time I did, it was finished! So she dragged me into a record shop while she hummed it at the boy behind the counter, who didn't get it. Then a few years later, I was in a club when it came on and I grabbed the nearest person I knew who'd know it and it was that Toque di Cuetche (or thereabouts) that I put on the Music Choices thread. In fact, I may have told you this already, thinking about it! Just ignore me ...:D

foxy said...

Actually you hadn't told me that before Scatty :o) I am hoping to figure it out within the next few years...though to be honest I'll probably just give up if I can't get it in the next few days! Lol ;o)

foxy said...

I'VE GOT IT SCATTY, I'VE GOT IT!! It's Jessica Simpson's Swing With Me!

Woohoo *big thumbs up* oh thank heavens for that - that was threatening to drive me mad :o) You know when you just can't let something go, you have to work out the answer because you know that it's definitely in your head somewhere? I hate that feeling...happens to me far too often. I was never going to be able to just give up - obsesive or what eh ;o)