Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Softie heavy metal fans

This is an interesting news item, linking musical taste to personality for the first time.

It doesn’t actually make any reference to chocoholic tea drinkers who like to boogie whilst reading Harry Potter and cheering on cyclists. It didn’t mention soul music either, so I’ll make the assumption for them!


Throg Niemand said...

My first reaction is that the results (at least so far as the article is concerned) only relate to people who self-identify with a specific genre of music. If that's the case, then I suspect this has more to do with the individual's identification with a particular sub-culture (e.g. Grunger, emo, pseud) which in turn more or less determines the music it's cool to listen to.

I'd be interested to know how the study deals with those of us with more eclectic tastes. I'd also want to know how the study defined it's genres of music (self-identification of genres could lead to very different results than study-imposed definitions.) Even more importantly, I'd want to know how personality traits were measured (there's a huge difference between asking somebody if they're creative and trying to measure whether or not they are creative.)

Jaye said...

I knew you'd be interested!