Sunday, 28 September 2008

The Results Show: SCD Week Two

I’m all nervous and I don’t know why, I haven’t got a favourite as such, so why am I needing the loo suddenly? Ooh, love Tess’s hair - what did they do? I’d be hitching that dress up a bit though, if it were me. Oh, dear, Brendan - give the girl a hug!

Adrian’s in love - watch yourself Christine! Backroom judgments - was it worth it, one comment from Len? See …see …fascination with fruit - what did I tell you? Bruce just asked: “What did you think of our girls tonight!” It’s not live, OMG!!! The three new pro’s looking good in training - my 17 year old, Brad, just called Brian a lucky g*t. Still not too old for a slap, boy, cut the language. That was different and a lotta fun!

The Halfpenny! The Jive! We’d not seen the like before; doubt we’ll see it again. What a partnership, superb, like they hadn‘t been apart. She was my favourite! The Pro’s Tango - Beat It. And suddenly, Brad wants to chat about dancing. What’s that they’re doing? Who’s She? He’s knew, isn’t he? (Not that I’ve forced him to watch before, you understand) Tango - Erin - Yes. Now Be Quiet.

Hark at John ‘Mr Flirty’ Sargeant!!! The Merenge again? I’m not complaining *filthy hips filthy hips* Apart from the purple effort, love the outfits Camilla’s worn so far. The Sugababes - the Pro’s Cha Cha - where’d they go? Oh, here they come - Ola a blur - Men in black roll necks mmmmm, don’t know what it is ….

And they’re on the steps: Rachel - safe; Jessie - safe; Heather, Cherie, Christine - all safe *sigh of relief*. Last safe couple - Lisa!!! Jodie and Gillian to dance off, tough call. Great kicks from Jodie, a better performance this time and the judges agreed, no need for Len’s casting vote.

Anton and Gillian close to tears - I blame wardrobe - subliminal picture association - tea towel - kitchen - kettle - making tea instead of voting. Strangely, I’m welling up, even in these trousers.


Marcela said...

Hi, Jaye :)
Just dropping by to say hello. As usual, your witty comments made me laugh; the "tea towel dress" was VERY ugly...when they came to the floor I asked my husband "what kind of ugly dress is that?" *lol*


jaye said...

Hiya Marcela :)

Strange choice wasn't it! Wardrobe always seem a bit hit and miss.

SJ x