Tuesday, 2 September 2008

3bt: The Office Summer Ball

The office 'Summer Ball' incorporating a talent contest took place over the weekend - when I say 'the office' of course, I mean the whole building, plus another site so probably about 500 of us in total. The location was great - I shan't name them though, as it may well be that it was outside caterers that were responsible for the shocking, and I mean worse than anything I've ever served up, slop that was "presented" as dinner. Orange dishwater soup, limp rocket salad, old boot lamb, cold and grey vegetables. Yeeeuggghhh. The ice cream wasn't too bad but didn't get a sniff at any coffee and mints. Amateurs.

The lookalikes the company brought in were great though, Marilyn Monroe was so into character and the lovely young Elvis sounded the part too, he mingled with his guitar and my little group were serenaded with 'Teddy Bear', 'Love Me Tender' and 'Wooden Heart' (with us on backing vocals!) The Brad Pitt was friendly and chatty, which was more than enough for us all, since he really was the spitting image!

One of my fellow Sports and Social Club reps won the competition, singing Duffy's 'Warwick Avenue' - she's tiny; it was a surprise what a big voice she had. To round off, some of the managers had roped in a gang of staff and raided a local theatre's props box, to produce a fantastic tribute to 'Thriller'. The make up was quite incredible and they'd been rehearsing like mad. Funny, I never noticed they'd been missing all week. (Oops, bit controversial that! Oh, well. *shrugs*)

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