Sunday, 14 September 2008

3bt: Proms, Strictly, saying goodbye

I managed to spot some GG’s on the box last night, when the cameras swept briefly across the Singleton Park crowd, I’ve the whole programme to watch yet. Some of the GG’s were also interviewed by BBC Radio Wales for their highlights show and of course, were greeted with customary warmth and kisses from the Lord God Geth! The park keeper probably had to scrape them up off the ground this morning!

I’m awaiting full reports, but am reliably informed that the Shearer shirt Geth swapped for his own at the end of Soccer Aid, is now hanging in his gym - I did offer (via text to one of the GG’s) to swap it for a collection of authentic Caister soul weekender tee-shirts, but surprisingly there were no takers!

All reports so far, without exception, not just from the GG’s, are that Geth did a fantastic job and the BBC would be hard pushed to find a better presenter for SCD once Brucie retires. Start emailing now!

Also, on the box - the preview show for Strictly Come Dancing! My first impressions were reinforced - some partnerships I’m now looking forward to eagerly - Mark
(the girls in wardrobe aren’t daft, are they!) and Hayley, Austin and Erin,(she looked gorgeous - and don't think I've seen her giggle with anyone like that before) Tom and Cam, Cherie (who says she dances at every opportunity, I can identify with that!) and James.Wish Christine would be more confident, the pessimistic approach will put me right off if she carries on like that! And don't see any chemistry between Flavia and Vincent and their respective partners, thought Flavia looked a little embarrassed actually, like she really was dancing with her boyfriend's Dad! Most of the others I think will grow on me, and a couple aren’t making an impression at all - so far; I hope it was just bad editing. The only one that I really don’t warm to is Lisa - funny isn’t it, how Brendan has the one who, to me, like Kelly last year, just doesn’t seem genuine and warm but gives me the impression she’s ‘acting up’ for the cameras. In fact, you’d think she was related what with the false little girlie giggles. And I see a lot of talk about how Brendan has the hottie who can dance, as opposed to ‘poor old’ Anton, who has the ‘old’ girl who presumably can’t. Well, I’ll stick my neck out - Gillian is a Strictly fan, so I’m betting her performances will have a whole lot more fun and warmth in them than Lisa’s will and I won’t be surprised to see G&A outlast B&L!

The reason I couldn’t see any of this live last night was because I was saying ‘Bon Voyage’ to friends who are leaving for America, for the next two years, if not for good. And whilst we can all keep in touch and there’s every chance we’ll take a trip out to see them, it’s still a wrench. Good people, lovely family - Matt needed many soothing, positive words to come to terms with little friend Josh leaving, but cheered up a bit when email addresses were exchanged - and then started planning the trip!

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