Sunday, 7 September 2008

Eurovision Dance Contest - a few observations

The opening sequences of two dancers in dayglo silhouettes - Ian and Camilla, unless I’m very much mistaken! Claudia’s dress - what was that all about? Loved the Austrian guy, at 6ft 7ins, he did ruddy well I thought, and the best in the group dance. I’m sure us Brits would keep him in SCD for a good few weeks, the clip of him all dishevelled on the bar stool and then falling off - classic! Did we have to listen to Craig and Len? I’d have turned the sound off, but …The Danish entry, loved this - they actually did something traditional to the Danes. I hadn’t realised I’d need a degree in Maths re the scoring, so I was thinking: 12 out of 10? Crikey, they were good. Nice to see Lisa Kudrow from ‘Friends’ with gainful employment for Azerbaijan … *note to self: remember a bucket for next time* The Irish Latin could have been so good (works for me!) but for that shocking music, if that’s what you can call it. And a bit of R’n’R for Andy Hodge, our stroke man from our gold medal winning four, representing The Netherlands. Stick to rowing, mate. Lithuania the best for me so far, traditional, artistic, original, she looks like a pro, OMG, just agreed with Len. Where’s that bucket? Louisa wearing the best costume I’ve seen her in - finally had the sense to cover up those love handles, Len and Craig being a tiny bit biased methinks, she wasn‘t as clean and tidy as others. Loved loved loved Poland, technical but fun, familiar music by Jacko was never going to hurt, was it? No surprises then - the Scandinavians voted for each other, the former Soviet states voted for each other. I love Graham normally, but I wish he’d stop talking over the other presenters trying to give their scores - in trying to hurry them up, it takes longer. Have to say, starting the board with the top one on 48 pts and the bottom four on nil seems a bit bizarre. Why didn’t they just add onto the original judges scores? The judges placed us equal 8th, we finished 9th so …roll on the proper dance show!

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