Monday, 22 September 2008

3bt: It Takes Two - Laughing out loud, warm and fuzzy feeling,

"It’s great to have her back!” So says Voice Over Man, amongst other soundbites that made me chuckle.

James and Austin’s comments re the ironing and housework; Claudia and Alesha and the tug-of-war over the Glitter Ball; Caption Man, at it again - Craig: He doesn’t mince his words; Arlene: Come on Arlene!

Loving the production staff clapping along - and Arlene, saying that Austin’s waltz was almost like Gethin’s! And that two message boarders got a mention - go vampadvocate and liliarocks! Looks like Claudia isn’t bothering to slip the names in subtly - s
he’s quoting!


Marcela said...

Love your blog, Scattyjan!
Carry on like that!
Marcela (AKA Brazilian Feet)

Jaye said...

Hello, lovely to hear from you! Glad you like it, did you check out the music links, you'll probably recognise a few! l'll be back on the forum later, hopefully see you there :)