Thursday, 4 September 2008

Oh, what's their name? You know ...thingy ...

You know how you see someone and you think, now where do I know them from? I took Brad to the hospital today - he stubbed his toe and it wasn’t healing, so we thought it might be broken (they don’t even bother to x-ray toes, just strap’em up) anyway, he kept seeing people he thought he knew. One of whom was the friend of a friend’s brother, who, I’m glad to say, didn’t recognise Brad, since he was handcuffed to a policeman!

It reminded me of a shopping trip shortly after I’d passed my driving test. East Ham, up there in the good ol’ East End, had a market I frequented quite often; parking was a nightmare. So there I am in a backstreet, patiently backing and forwarding into a teensy space, outside the house of a girl my age, who’s alternately laughing at my efforts or guiding me. She applauded when I finally made it.

So next week, I’m wandering through the market again and three girls are walking towards me and as we meet, both me and one of them go: “Oh, hiya! How ya doin’? You alright? Yeah. See ya then.” And then we wander away going: Who’s that?

I’ll take it as read you’ve guessed who she was!

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