Wednesday, 17 September 2008

3bt: Three Blogger Things

It's supposed to be anonymous, but what the hell! Published and be damned ...

Strictly Come Dancing 17/9/08

Sporting Greatness 10/9/08

Kwik Cricket Fun Day 16/7/08

I'm chuffed to have been Medway Blogger three times, the Editor is very encouraging (so I'm working on a fourth. And a fifth). To view the articles, click over the page number at the top and enter page 13, or 14 for the SCD one.


Throg Niemand said...

Not quite on the chicken-egg conundrum.

The thing that laid the egg was a lot more chicken than reptile but still slightly more reptile than the chicken that came out of the egg.

If you found the first thing you'd be happy to call a chicken and then looked at the thing that laid the egg it came out of you probably wouldn't be able to tell that they were different species (in fact, technically they wouldn't be).

Think of it this way: there is a strong resemblance between you and your mother, you and your grandmother ... But not such a strong resemblance between you and your great-great-great-five million year-great grandmother. Somewhere along the way you'd almost certainly start to consider your ancestors not-human but you would find it virtually impossible to find one that was so different to her parent that you could say she was human but her parent wasn't.

The trouble is terms like "chicken" and "human" are really really fuzzy. It's definitely true that chickens had egg-laying reptiles for great-great-etc but there was never really a reptile that laid an egg with a chicken in it. There were many generations of egg-laying reptickens and which one you actually call the first chicken would be entirely arbitrary. Maybe it was the first one that crossed the road.

Jaye said...

It wasn't that I didn't listen properly Throg, honest, it was the fact that A) We were in the PUB and B) I posted after coming home from the PUB.

Remind me not to do it again :)

Trisha xx said...

Fab SCD blog - well done you!