Sunday, 28 September 2008

Running Commentary: SCD Week Two

Altogether now: Oh yes, it’s Ladies Night and the feelings right - see what I did there? What’s the fascination with fruit tonight? The percussionist has half a grapefruit shell on his stand - and then there’s Gillian’s dress! There was something else but it’s gone …crashing on:

Pocket dynamite Darren played to Jessie’s strengths but her salsa lacked the free spirit and was a bit stilted, although she looked like she had the time of her life. Fair comment from Len, nicely put. Craig: “Energy was very good.” Arlene: “Dress and smile working overtime.” Bruno: “I know there’s a wild child there, next time you do Latin, Let It Out!” Judges Score 20, will be in danger. Darren quipped: “Well, we’re top, anyway!” LOL

Christine and Matthew, so very sweet and the song - The Way You Look Tonight, sung by the gorgeous Matthew to Christine all the way through *sighs* how did she stay upright? The dance, the dress, the song - all gorgeous. “Grace and elegance” said Len; “Light ethereal quality” (Bruno) “I was stunned” (Arlene) Judges score 27, should be safe.

Lisa and Brendan did their salsa to ‘The Rhythm is Gonna Get You’ and unfortunately, as Arlene said, it didn’t really. Great spins, but again, lacking in free spirit, Lisa’s nervousness translated itself onto the dance floor more than the others I think. Arlene: “Very English Rose, get down and dirty." Len: “Spins were fantastic.” Craig: “Natural rhythm but a little cool.” Bruno: “Had everything except the juice, we want to party with you.” Judges score: 22 On dodgy ground. The BB’s will go into overdrive when those phone lines open.

Jodie and Ian made a lovely entry into their Foxtrot, but she keeps forgetting to smile, looks very tense, but - she’s doing alright! Very elegant, great timing - the punctuation Craig called it. Arlene said: “A gorgeous surprise.” Len “Tall girls can dance.” Even Tess looks tiny, stood next to these two! Judges score 25. In the danger zone - middle of the table.

Heather and Brian - I like that her family wouldn’t speak to her if she didn’t participate :) Mine would disown me if I did :( Hey, lovin’ the attitude already! Oh, yes! Great music - would be nice if the Beeb board listed it all like last year *HINT* Wonderful movement, this is more like it - best salsa so far. “That’s the spirit” says Bruno. Arlene: “Movin’ on up!” Didn’t see that one coming. Not. Len: “Queen of the Salsa”. Judges score 26, top half of the table so far but it’s no guarantee so I’ll sling a vote her way.

Gillian and Anton, Foxtrotting to RazzleDazzle ‘em - her timing was excellent I thought - the punctuation, I think Craig said? And then “ Bit rough …not a complete disaster.” Len: “Great musicality, beautiful footwork.” Arlene: “Melt in his arms and it will all happen for you.” Judges score 22, will it be another Eastender going? Note to wardrobe: Do you shop at TJ Hughes too? Only, I’ve got a set of tea towels like that.

Cute couple Rachel and Vincent, as expected, gave a polished Salsa performance, honed almost to perfection and danced to the Cuban Beatles version of ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’. Loved that you could see the anticipation in Rachel’s face just before the music lifted off. Am I alone in not liking that leg thingy bit? Just didn’t think it looked ‘pretty’ but it didn’t detract overall. Lovely and smiley and excellent musicality. Arlene: “Absolutely enthralled.” Len: “Fantastic.” Craig: “Ama-zing!” Bruno: “Rrrrrraaachel!” Judges score: 31, safe.

Cherie and James took to the stage like a Royal Couple! ! I wasn’t sure about the choice of ‘Sweet About Me’ but it worked, very jaunty - a contemporary oldie. Being that nervous but able to project so much confidence is a great skill for this show. Classy, smooth, wonderful choreography - I’m no expert and even I can see it’s technically fantastic, the control as they swept around the floor was amazing, the 'hesitation' is that what it‘s called? Judges score: 33, safe. Len: “Best dance of the night!” Craig: “One Class Act. Fabulous.” Bruno: “That’s a leading lady!” Cherie: “I’ve got no saliva!” The down to earth Queen!

My votes? Cherie, Christine and Heather.

The boys Merenge, to give it its proper name (although Bruce referred to it as a meringue, as do I normally!) And goodness me, you can’t move for all the hips thrusting around in training! And LOL to them trying to high five Mark! On the sofa and Tess quips: “Was it buy one get six free?” re the shirts, since they actually match this week, although Bruce’s a) ill judged quip or b) he’s old school, it’s ok or c) don’t be so sensitive - depending on your viewpoint - ‘Nancy’ line may have referred to said shirts, since they seem to be colour coded for each of the boys …anyway, the dance was terrific! Most improved for me was Gary - having a ball - in time! Austin looks the complete package, loved that he’s singing all the way through! And Tom's Filthy Hips!*Phew* Need I go on? *THUD*

Overall no-one was bad and no-one got ripped apart by the judges, so no sympathy votes. I’d say the leader board is about right. I genuinely do feel sorry for Len, it’s going to be a tough dance off.

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