Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Theatre Review - One Man Star Wars Trilogy

This is the first thing I ever had published - Grapevine Magazine last year.

One Man Star Wars Trilogy, written and performed by Charles Ross

It sounded impossible: How could one man play all the characters, sing the music, fight the battles and fly all those space ships? Somehow though, Canadian Charles Ross did it. He squeezed the original trilogy into little over an hour, bringing hilarity to an iconic series not previously thought of as comedy.

The show is endorsed by LucasFilm; apparently, they were so impressed, they hired Mr Ross to travel around promoting ‘Revenge of the Sith’. I had a good feeling about it the moment a stand-up comic came on stage to warm us up. He baulked when he saw how many children were in the audience (methinks he had to change a lot of his act quite quickly!) It was only 7.30pm but it must have surprised them to see how the next generation have taken the whole saga to heart, not just the latest trilogy.

You need to know the films in order to follow the action unfolding on stage, it simply wouldn’t make sense otherwise. My six-year loved it and we older ones appreciated the gentle send-ups of Luke’s whiny teenage attitude, and how a man cupping his hands over his ears could so effortlessly become Princess Leia!

I can’t begin to describe how he impersonated many characters, you really did have to be there. Suffice to say, I shan’t be able to watch the films again without chuckling at Admiral Akbar (cover your eyes with your palms outward and yell “It’s a trap!”) or Jabba’s death scene, where two arms perfectly captured that huge mouth and foul, slimy tongue!


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