Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Half term terrors? Take the little angels out.

We had a great day out yesterday at the Natural History Museum. It could have been relatively cheap too, seeing as it’s free to get in. £30 rail fares and £30 worth of snacks later and we figured we really ought to have brought a picnic - there’s a designated picnic area on the ground floor, empty at 11.30, jam-packed an hour later. But at least it was there - credit to the responsible party and it thinned out after 2pm. There’s a nice restaurant in the green zone too, no more expensive than you'd pay anywhere else.
Our seven year old was probably just a touch young to really appreciate it - all he wanted to see were the dinosaurs. Note: Hit the dinosaur section a)early, if you’re there at or just after opening time or b) later - 4pm-ish - as in between 12-4 they had a queuing system in operation. It didn’t take long but did involve much shuffling. And there’s nothing guaranteed to give you achy feet more than shuffling.
The gem section in the red zone was amazing if you like pretty, sparkly things and the mammals section in the blue zone houses a life size blue whale which is gob-smackingly huge - I’d no idea they were that big, it’s difficult to gauge in the middle of the ocean. Could do with a dust though! Not that I’m volunteering, not just because I’m scared of heights and it’s suspended from the ceiling; I’m also allergic to dusting.
Would I go back? Yes, definitely, when the lad is a couple of years older. My other criteria for a return visit anywhere is: Do they have soft toilet paper or shiny tissue? I’m pleased to report it’s the soft stuff and plenty of it. Although, like everywhere, a couple more ladies cubicles wouldn’t go amiss! You know it makes sense, ladies.

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