Thursday, 7 February 2008

Blast From the Past

I was an avid listener of the pirate stations Horizon/SolarFM and JFM and then 'official' station JazzFM when I lived in London, all of whom fed my passion for everything jazzy, funky and soulful. Then JazzFM became SmoothFM, which was fine, just a few more commercial soul sounds thrown in. I finally invested in a DAB radio so I could listen indoors as opposed to just in the car, which was the only place I could get it. That's reception, people - honestly, get your minds out of the gutter! *Tuts* BUT, then SmoothFM became Smooth Radio and started playing stuff like 'Hello, MaryLou' *shudders at memory*. Thankfully, I have now discovered 'the Jazz' - Helen Mayhew is there, as is Chris Phillips, which brings me back to Drivetime on JazzFM all those years ago! I'm still wondering if he's the same Chris Phillips who DJ'd the Norfolk Village pub, Shoreditch, on a Friday night. So I've emailed. It's only taken me 20 odd years to try to find out! If it is him, the last time I saw him would have been at a Boscombe Alldayer I think! Memories jostling for space now: Caister - the Swan and Sugarloaf - the Goldmine. Happy Days!

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