Saturday, 23 February 2008

Sports Personality of the Year 2008?

I took this off the BBC Sport website - wouldn’t it be great, if, just for once, the sporting headlines of the British press could celebrate a true sporting achievement, instead of which current or has-been footballer has screwed up this week? Let’s hope he makes the shortlist in December.

Bromley Achieves Landmark Triple

Britain's Kristan Bromley has become the first bob skeleton slider to win the European, World Cup and World Championship crowns in the same season.
The Sheffield athlete wrapped up the achievement by winning the world championship in Germany on Friday.
"This has been a remarkable season," said Bromley, 35. "To become the first person in history to win the triple crown of titles is as good as it gets."
Bromley is now one of the favourites to win gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics.


kristanb said...

Hi there, Kristan B here. Many thanks for your acknowledgement of our achievements. Its means alot to us. It is hard for us to break into the main stream media in the UK and all the support we recieve helps us to keep performing. :-)Kristan

Jaye Nolan said...

You're very welcome Kristan, I've always been critical of our press overlooking the achievers like yourselves. I remember (quite a while ago, has to be said) our Karate team topped the World Champs medal table - not a mention anywhere! Just a line in the end of year list in 'Total Sport'. So frustrating. Good luck in the future.